Belarusian Helsinki Committee will return to its own previous study (rebuilt)

Defenders win the Belarusian Helsinki Committee ended conflict with the administration and the owner of an office building on the street Libknehta where BHC was forced to leave last week. The building belongs to the Office of Presidential Affairs, which reversed a month in one-sided order terminated the contract rent office.
January 31 Managing the main economic council President Administration Mikhail Belyaev during a meeting with the chairman of BHC Tatiana told her to consent to lease renewal office.
According to Tatyana Protko due to resume her contract were not named. "Only referred to our proposal to renew the agreement — say, so we agreed," — said Tatiana Protko. But she believes that Actually decision was higher than in the Office of the President, and that is a political decision:
Protko: "Maybe this is the first step towards the use of the new system in Belarus values — the implementation of laws, Human Rights, democracy. Value system on which lives the whole civilized world. It is clear that the U.S. State Department has made an unequivocal statement in support of the BHC, the European Union also spoke strongly in our defense. Then authorities Belarus listened, cheers. Our hope is that the Belarusian young people will still live in a democratic country, in a sense, fed by such events. "
In the Belarusian Helsinki Committee reminded of other own dilemmas. Human rights activists expect that the Ministry of Justice of the country will withdraw its own lawsuit in Supreme Tribunal to suspend the activities of the BHC, and in the economic court withdraw claims for unpaid taxes, which the judges recognized previously illegal, but later returned. And problem solving requests blocked accounts BHC BHC recalls executive director Oleg Gulak.
Hulak: "We can not work normally, as our accounts are locked. And because of this we are obliged to use in the office of his own personal property, and previously also can cling. So makarom, remains a threat to us. "
Now the administration building, where rents BHC office, agreed to do a small repair in the room, said Oleg Gulak.
BHC litigation with tax authorities have lasted for a couple of years. Tax Inspectorate considered that human rights defenders have to pay taxes on the monetary assistance that the European Union allocated to programmke TACIS.
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