Belarusians — the middle of the favorites for the Olympic bronze

Optimism sports officials now may prove to be very exaggerated. The other day out in the Beijing head of the Belarusian delegation, Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov expressed worldview: the training of Belarusian athletes gives reason to wait or not the best result in the history of performances at the Olympics as an independent team. It was assumed that the Belarusians will gain medals no less than during the most prolific Sydney Olympics — in other words, 17 or more awards.
But in fact the Beijing trip may be most moderate. Now asset Belarusians 10 medals, and among them nor 1st gold. With this indicator, the Belarusians are in fifth 10-ke.
Sunday did not get to the end of the Olympic Games in the past mistress sprint disciplines Yuliya Nesterenko. Exclusively in the consolation zaezde able to break into the quarterfinals in velatrekavay Natalia Tsilinskaya race, and now hopes only on its ability to mobilize. Theoretical chances are in the women’s 4×100 relay at the distances and the 4×400 meters, also one of the medals can claim representative rhythmic gymnastics. But hardly in these cases it about gold.
Not possible that will make magic Belarusian basketball — Euro Championship debutants in This year already made a sensation, becoming champion bronze European Championships and the Beijing quite simply out of the group. However, they still have to meet with the Chinese. But, as the last recognizable basketball Sharavera Constantine, who has worked with various state basketball teams, the main factor is not to fall under the terror of the mistresses of the Olympiad:
"Naturally, they make huge bets, or what they can dominate. Not excluded judicial factor, it is almost always about to holders of the site. Well native wall as statedcamping, help. But I think that such obvious advantages or sensitive Chinese athletes do not must. God forbid that all went well. But in any case this is a great contribution to our basketball, sports in general in Belarus. And it is in including directly raises the prestige of the country. It itself for itself is simply a phenomenal result. "
Were disappointing first athletes who in the State Olympic Committee of Belarus is almost guaranteed subscribed gold — hammer thrower Ivan Tikhon and vyaslyarka Ekaterina Karsten. Both should enjoy the bronze medals. Undefeated in the Olympic format Tikhon is pushed even Vadim Dzevyatouski, showed the second result.
Fell short of gold shot-putter Natalia Mihnevich and Nadezhda Ostapchuk, who finished second and third. Olympic champion in 2000 and shot-Yanina Korolchik thrower Zvereva eliminated in the qualification stage, and winner of the 1st of 2-gold medals at the Athens Olympics judo wrestler Igor Makarov did not passed the qualifying sieve in Beijing.
Nothing could oppose competitors once successful Belarusian arrows, gymnasts, rowers, fehtavalshchyki. Flops were boxers who since last Olympics brought two silver. Incidentally, the head of the Boxing Federation — has said Alexander Grigorov, which must draw conclusions from doing specifically with yourself.
Of course, now that the government is not very rastratsitstsa. If the gold medal was promised 100 thousand dollars, the silver is worth 60 thousand, 30 thousand and bronze.
Now asset Belarusian team three second places and seven third. And, by the way, bronze Belarus favorites, going into the top five.

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