BNF prepares for presidential elections

Congress affirmed the decision of 14 June Sojma expelled from the Party.
Adopted several resolutions, one of which the BNF said it may end its role in the parliamentary election campaign, when the district commissions will not include representatives of the BNF.

"The conflict around Michalevic associated with future presidential campaign"
At the congress were registered 64 delegates, with all this, only 12 of them were regional structures that are almost completely in favor of restoring the party Mikhalevich.
In his report, the Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski outlined the political situation, where, in his opinion, and Alexander Milinkevich and Sergei Kalyakin almost openly already preparing for the subsequent presidential elections. "We must move faster determined mainly by BPF candidate in the presidential election and his understudy. This additional requests from party discipline — the chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front. Lavon Barshcheuski

— There are people who make a plan designed not here. Exit Party for the presidential election with its candidate must raise us. We inside the BPF should not be any other teams, teams of other candidates. "
"Barshchevskii the first time in three months, came up with this speech, and said in plain language what hitherto had read only in the margins: the conflict over Michalevic associated with future presidential campaign, with those who will work on the BNF in these elections" — said in private conversation, one of the delegates of the congress.
"I went to the chairman with applets that the party will be order and one control center," — said Barshchevskii, when the question arose about the cancellation of the decision of the Diet of the expulsion from the party Mikhalevich.

"A narrow group of party management thinks as profitable to implement the party candidate in the presidential election, or uses this topic stripping opponents," — said during his speech fan Michalevic deputy chairman. Yuri Hubarevich
Here is what he said to our correspondent after the congress:
"I am afraid that this decision conflict inside the BPF more depth. Fact regarding the decision to expel was Michalevic specific position of regional structures. At regional meetings the decision was condemned and regions claimed its abolition. Yet, the Congress, which represented almost Seimas and a small number of regional deputies ignored the will of the regional structures — and the support base of the party. Meanwhile Congress spawned a new round of conflict. "
Mikhalevich himself, who was given the word, reiterated that does not see itself outside the Party, and said that he apologized for his Lyavony Barshchevsky severe expressions, he sent them to the online newspaper "Solidarity." Barshcheuski, but said that since that time, these apologies are not placed — which means they had never existed.
BPF offered sanctuary to put on vote repealing the decision of the Diet exclusion Michalevic.

Mihalevitch: "I never say nothing wrong about my game"
After the announcement of the voting results Lavon Barshcheuski raised the question of restoring Mikhalevich in the party as an ordinary member on certain criteria. But opposed by many delegates, and he Mikhalevich. That’s what Mihalevitch said after the congress: Mihalevitch:
"I am confident that if file an application for reinstatement through the local party structure, of course, I apprehend, because regions voted for me now. As for my upcoming party work, I need to make an informed decision, to think about. Past times before I joined the party in 1993, the BNF, I thought three months. " Tsigankov:
"Is not it should be on the parliamentary elections BPF moratorium on subsequent discussions about your exception?"Mihalevitch

Barshcheuski: "The presidential candidate of the BPF should be in the winter"
After the Congress interview "Freedom" gave favorite BPF Lavon Barshcheuski.Tsigankov
"What can be called the main fruits of the Congress?"Barshcheuski
"Congress took a very principled resolution. Initially, this resolution of the international context. We need to peel the alarm. Indeed, according to various sources, there are samples of some circles agree with Lukashenko behind garmadstva and opposition — that, for example, will look like House of Representatives.
Second — this resolution to participate in the elections. We have postponed a final decision on the format of our upcoming role on the basis of the registration of our candidates and by the way include our people in the electoral commission. Was witnessed by the desire to party work as a team with the prospect of presidential elections, and entering them with their candidate, was laid a legal corridor for this. "Tsigankov

"We were not given the opportunity to elect another UDF candidate Uruchcha in Minsk, where he is running. At local meetings sovereign Mihalevitch behaved differently, he very heartily, as it seemed to me, repented mistakes made. It was disappointing that it is up to Congress did not publish what he had promised — my apologies. He may return to the game everyday method — to be registered to participate in the upcoming political work, including as a possible contender for the presidential candidates. I see such a possibility, it all depends only from him. "Tsigankov
"BNF is currently exactly decides that the presidential election will have their own candidate?"Barshcheuski
"The decision is made and the preparation, and the current Congress, and we have to realize. At the next congress will be announced the name of the candidate. I believe that if we do not come out with its own candidate in the winter, we will not have enough time for his propaganda. We have to go, I will do everything possible for this, that he was adopted at the subsequent Congress. " Texts of the resolutions of the Congress soon to appear on. website BPF Tags:, BPF Mihalevitch, Barshcheuski

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