China opens Olympics

By tradition, the 7 days before the start of the Olympic Games and competitions throughout the military action must be stopped — acts as a general principle called "Olympic reconciliation."
But just a day of the Olympics weapon exploded conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia. Our homeland accuses Georgia of violating this principle. Yet at the Beijing Stadium "Bird’s Nest" celebratory opening of the XXIX Olympic Games. At a ceremony attended by many first person from all regions of the world, namely the presidents of the USA, France, several Arab states. The other day, accompanied by a younger sibling Nicholas went to China and Belarus leader
Alexander Lukashenko.
Photos from the opening ceremony in Beijing:
In a stunning show, followed by more than 4 billion people in the world, directed by Zhang Yimou 15 thousand participants presented five thousand years of Chinese history.

Olympics — on the website and aired "FREEDOM"
Official website 2008 Olympics
Basically, sports forum chatyrohgoddya perceive role unprecedented number of athletes from 203 countries in the world — more than 10 thousand. Will distribute 300 sets of medals.
Belarus fourth time perceive the role of the Summer Olympics in a separate command. Country is the greatest in the history of the team — 182 athletes participate in 26 sports. Manage NOC Belarus hopes that will now capture the largest in the history of Belarusian sports awards, surpassing the achievement of Olympic Sydney eight years ago. Then Belarusians had 17 medals, three of them — gold. Belarusian sports delegation at the Olympic parade headed by Olympic favorite in fehtavanni.
Alexander Roman’kov
Recently the opening of the Games 40 Olympic athletes from different countries wrote an appeal to President Hu Jintao, expressing concern about the way the Chinese authorities in Tibet protests squeeze.
Protests against human rights violations have occurred in China now in Paris and Prague. In the Czech capital, demonstrators unfurled in the structure of the Chinese Embassy Tibetan flags and a banner with the words "One World, One Dream, Free Tibet" («One World, One Dream, Free Tibet").
"Reporters without Borders", which organized the current share in the French capital, also called hold protest demonstrations in London, Madrid, Berlin, Stockholm, Lyazane, Rome, as Washington and Ottawa.

Meanwhile, the Beijing police detained now 3 Yankees, who tried to hold near the stadium "Bird’s Nest" rally in support of Tibet. For disk imaging agency "Associated Press", the Americans want to deploy before the main Olympic Stadium, Tibetan flag. Police prevented them from doing so.
2008 Olympics: China against the rest of the world?
Many refer to today’s competition "Chinese Olympics" in which athletes from Chinese rivals certain modest place.
Specialists on the chances of Belarusians OlimpiadePerspektivy Belarusian athletes in Beijing evaluated outstanding personalities of Russian sport.
R. Knish: "At the Olympics, it makes sense to only gold"
The winners of the Olympic Games experts at almost unanimously called owners of the Games — the Chinese.

Two weeks, when the main thing — not the role, and the victory

What actions will be drawn at the Olympics the most attention? Who has a chance to become a hero and an emblem of the Games? Confrontation which will be a major sporting powers intrigue in Beijing? Tags: war, olympics, Ossetia

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