CHINA RAISED four prototypes of fifth generation fighter

CHINA RAISED four prototypes of fifth generation fighter
Chinese Chengdu Aircraft manufacturing companies gathered four layout promising fighter J-20, the program of flight tests that began in January 2011. As reported by Jane «s, at the present time only two models of aircraft with tail number 2001 and 2002 make the flights, while others are participating in ground tests.

One flight of the prototype uses two different motors. Presumably, some of them — the Russian production. It can be a power plant AL-31F or AL-41F. In 2011, China had acquired 150 powerplants AL-31F and AL-31FN. Second engine — WS-10A China. On another airfield layout engines installed Chinese WS-10A, which deals with the creation of the company Liming Aeroengine Manufacturing Corporation.

The program design J-20 is progressing very slowly and with difficulty. According to the Ukrainian and Russian professionals, which refers to Jane «s, Chinese spices, namely, have not been able to finalize the series engines WS, so you can use them on the new fighter. These power plants did not differ in the highest reliability, and can not give out huge thrust. In addition, China has not yet managed to find a fairly strong material to increment TBO WS-10A.

In addition, the shape of the bow, cockpit canopy, horizontal tail and front slats on all 4 different layouts. Most likely, this means that engineers can not pick Chengdu average design solution that would allow to find a middle ground between aerodynamics and discreet.

Fighter J-20 is on the aerodynamic configuration «duck» with an upstream in terms of triangular unit, paired with the fuselage. Tselnopovorotnym keels have a large camber angle from the longitudinal axis. Nacelle placed at the edges of the fuselage under the wings. Technical properties of J-20 yet unidentified
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