Chukotka Autonomous District. Lorino.

27.09.2010 Special issue came correspondent. The film "The Last Day of the whale"

"This week in Moscow discussed the Arctic. Arctic But — it's not just ice, shelves and underwater ridges. This and people. It's about the small indigenous peoples of Russia."
Followed by a discussion of the program and the author of the film.

After watching the film remains ambiguous "pessimestichno-optimistic" feeling.
According to tradition, went further on we have done, use the search by keyword Lorino (village) in question in the film, to learn what has changed since then.
Yet found two pieces of news:
The hunters Chukchi upgraded equipment:
ie whales became more humane way to kill …

and the second news:
In Chukotka, completed the construction of a new dairy plant: ie people have the opportunity to (hopefully) eat cheaper, fresh and long-life storage of dairy products.

Would like to know someone else know about some new positive changes in places that tells the movie, can someone known, any positive progress in the fight against alcoholism local population.

What are the outputs you see, to solve the remaining problems? 

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