Chukotka, the introduction of new technologies of transportation of coal

The government of the Chukotka Autonomous District has initiated the introduction of new technologies for coal transportation to the villages of Anadyr district. In the navigation in 2013 in the village of Ust-Belaya 90 tonnes of solid fuel will be delivered in big bags — big bags. This was announced by the Department of Industrial Policy Advisor, Construction and Housing Alexei Fighters.
According to him, the question of introducing a new technology delivery of coal was discussed in the spring of this year with the leadership Chukotsnab.
"The initiative of the Government of the District of transporting coal in soft containers was supported Chukotsnab in March of this year. As an experiment in soft coal containers will be delivered to the village of Ust-Belaya. We believe that this technology will allow us to first of all reduce the percentage of coal losses during loading and unloading. In addition, this type of packaging as a soft container reduces the financial cost of loading and transportation of raw materials, and protect the product from moisture. "  

The use of big bags is convenient because it can be used more than once, due to the strength and ductility of the material from which it is made. Each container can hold soft thousand pounds of cargo. Coal will be packaged in big bags supplier of solid fuel in the village of Anadyr district — in the mine "coal".
As the first deputy director of the State Unitary Enterprise PJSC "Chukotsnab" Ruslan Trishin, goods in big bege can be stored on an unprotected outdoor area without having to worry for his safety in the package. In addition, the big bag — is a kind of product that is easy to recycle and dispose of.
"This method of transportation of solid fuel suitable for the particular needs of the consumer and, where homes are heated individually. In this case, coal is delivered directly to the apartment building. Under the current order of coal in every village imported vessel-collier, from which the coal is delivered by barge to shore. On the shore of Burt bulldozed into a large mound, from which it needs for its take private consumer. Use a big bag and we save time and money, but an important prerequisite when using this technology in the future is an important condition for the use of reusable bulk containers because of the high cost of a flexible container, "- said Ruslan Trishin.
The Party of flexible containers for delivery in Ust-Belaya today is ready for transport. Under favorable weather conditions, about 90 tons of coal to be delivered to the village of Anadyr district this week. It is planned that the new scheme will be applied in the future for coal transportation in the village of Anadyr district.

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