Cockroaches Dmitry Vishneva

Exhibitions here are consistent with the content, because the main characters are colorful works — animals, insects, parasite. By the way, Dmitry Vishnev very seriously» sur engaged in research specifically cockroaches. In Last year he published a catalog of calendar "Cockroach — best friend of man." Now accomplished presentation of the catalog-calendar for 2008 "Roaches give each plate of love." Cockroaches — the main characters virtually allx exhibited works. Art critic Dmitry Shuneyko said:
Shuneyko: "Here the bacteria harmless. Even bureaucrats are greyish, beautiful, inflated. There are quite poetic bacteria — Swedish or show some love their culinary appetites … Overall Dmitry should not forget that he is — destructive that he sometimes demonstrate and sharp teeth, claws, and not only such paveyki myagenkie microbial. But this is only part of Dmitri. It is very voracious as a performer, he has an excellent schedule. But he’s a single. And if he would be in his alternate " vishnevstve "in 2008 it will be virtually nezastylaga classic art. "
Since the beginning 2007 this is the third public presentation of projects Vishneva — book "Ravens in the zoo," almanac "Texts", and now — painting exhibition. What caused such a creative splash? Explains Dmitry cherries.
Cherry: "Last year I had 7 zabugornyh trips exclusively in Germany spent 3 months. When a person is missing, here it zabugornye projects do not sound."
Reporter: At the moment, came home and decided to show up here, seem? "
Cherry: "Yes, and then you need to shine. Must also bringing art to the masses."
Reporter: But you are very constant in their own mikrobikah, tarakanchykah, parazytsikah … "
Cherry: "No need to exaggerate. This funny banter as an element in the work, and Actually here everything is much deeper. This is a conceptual art. I consider myself a post-expressionist, and here I believe more profound meaning than mikrobiki parasite. This is for the tradesman, who wishes paprykalvatstsa, and for a person who is aware of something in the history of art, it is something more. "

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