Electric boat of MAMI

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Today everyone is talking about the prospects for the use of hybrid propulsion systems for mobile machinery, including commercial. Recently, experts Moscow Institute of Automotive (MAMI) decided to move from words to action, and in collaboration with a number of local organizations created a SUV with a diesel-electric powertrain.

The advantages of electric transmission allow increasingly implement it on special wheeled vehicle. Confirmation of this — the newest ballast tractor BAZ-M-6910-E, which was the lead developer STC "Trucks" MSTU "MAMI". On the creation of the machine told the director of the organization Nikolay Kulakov.

According to him, this concept can be applied to heavy-duty vehicles and all-terrain wheels with a number of leading to 16. Easily realized by means of the electric modular principle allows optimal distribution of weight of the car on the drive wheels and use the same power train components for various modifications within one, but the vast family. In addition, the diesel generator unit can provide power to the chassis-mounted add-ons, or perform functions for the emergency source of electrical power, repair, emergency services, etc.

Experts SEC "Trucks" created a novelty in close collaboration with colleagues from the NGO "Quantum", the 21st NIII Defense Ministry and Bryansk Automobile Plant. Tests were conducted on Dmitrovsky car (NITSIAMT FSUE "NAMI"). Scale-model "electric ship" was made on the basis of the serial ballast tractor BAZ-6910 (8×8) of the family, "Wax-1." The main elements of his suspension — independent torsion bar suspension, steering, wheels and tires lean — remained the same. But the hybrid powertrain was created from scratch. It includes a diesel engine, fuel tank, electric motors (of had to finish so that they can perform the functions and motor and alternator) generator to produce electricity and the battery. Power Train is made under the scheme serial hybrid. This means that the diesel engine is not connected to the wheels and serves as a generator to charge the batteries.

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