Electronic record to the doctor is now available in Altai Territory

Electronic recording is now available to the doctor and hospital in the central regions of the Altai Territory, the Press Service of the Altai region on health and pharmaceutical activities.

In the future, organizers assure, you can make an appointment with any specialist clinics in all the region. However, the recording is now available to the therapist and even to 1-2 specialists and only in the central region and in all urban clinics. 

So, in Kluchevskoy central hospital through the Internet you can reserve a reception ophthalmologist. The area is home to about 18,000 people. Residents Novopoltavy, Severka, Vasilchuk, Kayipov and other villages near the border with Kazakhstan, it is much easier to reserve a reception.

Since the beginning of the service in the Altai region of its service was used by about 90,000 patients.


The system of patient's name and phone number of his insurance policy automatically determines the size and number of specialists are sure that the patient and allows you to choose a convenient time, and even print a ticket.

For those who can not independently use the service, a "hot line" support — 52-95-99.

"In the test mode in the Altai region began to develop a system of remote recording to specialists. In the near future it will be possible to ophthalmologists and surgeons.

But knowing the need to visit, for example, endocrinologist, cardiologist and neurologist, write to them will be implemented while only dispensary groups, that is, the number of patients who were already registered for these professionals. The primary techniques to them can only be made in the direction of district physician (pediatrician), which is one of the requirements of current legislation ", — the report said. 

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