Energy-efficient apartment building opened in Angarsk (Irkutsk region).


Official opening of the energy-efficient house built in the framework of the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services, held in Angarsk on Friday. The two-story building is designed for 24 apartments, it will be moved 70 people out of dilapidated housing. The total cost of building a house was 46.5 mln., Including fund — 24.5 million regional budget — 13.6 million rubles., City — 8.4 million rubles. This is the first "smart home" in the Irkutsk region. Materials which have been used in its construction, minimizes heat loss. Resource savings of around 40%, which will reduce the cost of utilities. As reported at the meeting on the implementation of the federal law on the SDF utilities on Friday the head of Angarsk Leonid Mikhailov, the overhaul of apartment houses and resettlement of people from emergency housing this year will be allocated 151.9 million. Currently, the city administration is preparing an application to SDF utilities. The relocation will be spent 69 million rubles., Including from the fund — 51.4 million to renovate — 82.9 million (52 million — the fund).


The house is distinguished from all other unusual heating system. For example, the hot water in the house appears by solar panels, the air warms up the heat of the earth.

Not far from the house in a pit drilled 30 wells, from which pipes for special water enters the heating unit. From this flows down the batteries. According to expert estimates, the cost of heating in energy-efficient building will be 4 times less than in the ordinary.

Nikita Gizha, a member of the construction of energy-efficient homes:
— If something happens to the heat pump, it automatically switches to all central heating. There are storage tanks, they hold heat for 2-3 days. That is 2-3 days we have to eliminate, if any accident occurs.

Lights at the entrance to light up automatically when it's getting dark. With the arrival of spring on the roof solar panels will earn. They will heat the water which escapes from the tap. Now it still comes centrally.

In the house are 24 apartments in the special plan, including a two-bedroom duplex apartments. There will be able to call in up to 70 people. The administration plans to Angarsk move them out of dilapidated housing.

Vasilina Shunova, head of the Department of Housing and Construction Authority Angarsk:
— Apartment payment will be like a simple block of flats. Saving money on utility bills will be due to the fact that there are alternative sources of heat and energy.

The house was built in just three months on the Canadian technology of sandwich panels. Outside, the house is lined with ceramic brick. Funds for the construction — 46 million rubles — came from the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services, budget and Angarsk, Irkutsk region.

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