Environmentalists published the first atlas of the Far Eastern leopard


Environmentalists Primorye on the results of ten years of research, developed the first atlas "of the Far Eastern leopard in Russia", which collected information on 80 red-wild cats that lived and living in the southern province, said the deputy director of the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Relations Media Basil Solkin.

South of Primorsky Krai — Russia's only natural habitat of the Amur leopard, listed in the International Red Book. According to the last census, now in the Ussuri taiga live about 50 species of cats. Scientists from many countries and the WWF are concerned that the Amur leopard is on the verge of extinction.

"This atlas — a unique thing. I am not familiar with any analogue of this publication. Destinies Here 80 different leopards. This is the book of fate, is very different. Some of them did not die a natural death, someone died in a happy old age, someone what was missing ", — said Solkin. According to him, the atlas contains information and photographs of five generations of Amur leopards living in Primorye. Much of the data obtained using camera traps, taking pictures of animals at their approach.

As the head of the control hunting supervision of Primorsky Territory Alexei Stern, the new atlas will help in the management professionals.



"First, this atlas will help to identify the dead leopard — where this Leopard, what is its age. Either identified by the unique spots on the skin, whose it is — our leopard or Chinese, or of the reserve of the reserve," — said Stern.

He noted that the new edition has an important educational effect in the first place — for the residents of Primorye.

"We have many people who just heard about the leopard, but do not know what it is, what kind of animal they do not know where he lives … This atlas will help you recognize and leopard hunters who already knowing that rare beast before them, will no longer touch it, "- said Stern.





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