Examination for beginning farmers

  Identified 16 of the 27 participants in the program for beginners agribusiness.

Of the 40 heads of farms, who decided to take part in the "new farmers" to convince the members of the competition committee that announced projects will be implemented, managed only 16 participants from ten municipalities. All of them will receive grants of up to 1.5 million rubles.

The vast majority of farmers who have got into the program, plans to develop the crop, engaging, particularly the cultivation of potatoes, vegetables, remontant raspberry and strawberry. In three farms will be engaged in animal husbandry, two — poultry, in one — a sheep.


Meanwhile, according to an agreement signed by the administration of the Leningrad Region and the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia, in 2013, to support the creation and development of individual farms should be given 27 newcomers agribusiness. In connection with this committee on agriculture and Fishery will continue to implement this program in the current quarter will hold a new competitive selection, information about the timing of which will be posted on the site agroprom.lenobl.ru.


The winners of "new farmers":

— Dmitri Gavrilov (Boksitogorsky district);

— Alsou Voytalyuk (Volosovsky district);

— Tatiana Grishenkova (Vyborg district);

— Natalia Verhoeven (Gatchina district);

— Evgeny Tsvetkov (Kirishsky district);

— Irina Makaronicheva (Kirishsky district);

— Valery Kozlov (Kirishsky district);

— Tatiana Slutkovskaya (Kirov region);

— Sergei Porechina (Lodeinopolskiy district);

— Olga Pankrateva (Lodeinopolskiy district);

— Oleg Maydakov (Lodeinopolskiy district);

— Alexander Fedorov (Lodeinopolskiy district);

— Alexander Baryshev (Lomonosov district);

— Valentine Kudrova (Priozersky district);

— Yuri cages (Priozersky district);

— Seymour Shiraliev (Tosnenskiy district).


Press office of the governor
and the Government of the Leningrad Region
Constantine Viziryakin

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