Experiment Mars-500 has been successfully completed

The unique experiment "Mars-500" to simulate a manned interplanetary "flight" on the Red Planet has been successfully completed: sealed July 3, 2010 steel "marsoleta" open, and six members of the international crew went out "at will."

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Participants in the 520-day experiment for ground simulation flight to Mars was greeted with applause and cheers of their wives, children, relatives, professionals and journalists IBMP. Congratulations on your safe return of the crew arrived and the head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin.

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After the release of "marsonavty", according to an ongoing program of medical research, will not be interviewed until November 8, when the first "post-flight" press conference of the crew.

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International expedition led by Russian Alexey Sitev, a doctor of the mission — as a Russian citizen Suhrob Camogli. In the "flight" helped them as a cosmonaut-researcher Alexander Smoleevsky. Flight Engineer "marsoleta" — Cherchell Romain from France, Italian Diego Urbina and Chinese Wang Yue were reserved for board positions researchers.

 Photo source:rian.ru

One day prior to the return of the expedition told RIA Novosti by telephone about their daily life space — about what books they read, what music to listen to, what they will do in the first place after the "return" of the Earth.

"The most important thing — I lost touch with large spaces. I would like to begin with a walk around the city, go to Moscow, I used to like to do it. I also want to go somewhere to the warm sea, because working here, we almost missed two summers! Where specifically go, do not know yet. But my thoughts — toward the sandy beach, swim in the sea and lie on the warm sand, "- said the captain," marsoleta "Alexey Sitev.

He said he intends to spend on the rest part of the fee for participating in the experiment — each marsonavt receive as a fee of about 3 million rubles.

His colleague, Diego Urbina said he wanted to travel to the Caribbean, and the money to spend on buying a sports car and a training operation of the aircraft.

Physician crew Suhrob Kamolov said that before the start of the experiment seemed to him that this fee — a considerable sum.

"But now, having worked on board more than 500 days, I understand that the amount is not much. The plans — some of the money to spend on their studies and improve their skills as a surgeon. Also, I would definitely like to go to the sea: and a half years without sun and water to me, as the southern man, was not easy. I want to just lie on the beach — no matter where in Russia or abroad, and to look at the rolling waves, "- he said.

We marsonavtov were similar musical tastes. So, Sitev prefers classic Russian rock: "Cinema", "DDT", "Chayf" "Alice."

"These groups I listened to almost all the albums that are on the server. Pleasantly pleased with the direction of the group Epica. Also imbued with Celtic motifs, "- said the captain.

Kamolov also preferred the Russian rock early 90s and "pop", and Urbina has admitted that he respects the band White Stripes.

Sitev told me that he had read a book on board a Polish author Andrzej Zbyha "The rate is larger than life." "This is, as you remember, about spies, there is still a film of the same name. Each chapter — a fascinating story. The book is thick, I admit, by the end I did not read it. In addition, the active "yuzal" our electronic library: read "The Heart of Parma," a book of Dostoevsky's "Idiot." From today's popular fantasy remember "Metro". I also studied a lot of nonfiction, including "100 remarkable discoveries," — he said.

Kamolov, in turn, is mainly read trade publications. "I tried not to forget all the things I was taught in college. I read a lot of English literature and foreign medical journals: thanks to my foreign colleagues in the crew. As for fiction, then, using our electronic library, "swallowed" a lot of thrillers that I, that I did not mix, read in alphabetical order, "- said the doctor.

The subjects watched cartoons, in particular, the new cartoon Alyosha Popovich. Urbina has admitted that he loved the Soviet cartoon about Cheburashka.

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