How to celebrate Valentine’s day minchane? (Audio)


Sleeping in the north district of Minsk. Club "Graffiti". Snowy evening. And already on the way see and hear that there people going out with pleasure.
The band plays "Acoustics" band. Explains club representative Paul
Paul: "I reverse the Month offered to make them festive program from specially dedicated to lovers of days. They promised something heartbreaking. They play flamenco, jazz, blues … a cover that closer to the" Beatles "… But in the treatment of" Acoustics Band "
Reporter: "Today reflected in the activities of the club? "
Paul: "It’s everyone. Someone travels with it as it is not clear what. For me this day as a day. Better I every day will do something similar. Than for show, as March 8. For I know that the "Acoustics" band prazdnichek able to do. "
Reporter: "You can not say that the big hype, but the hall is one hundred percent full. I asked the one of the visitors: a day of lovers, you’re here …"
Woman: "… I love, love me. It’s great when you have that feeling. This is a real prazdnichek. Now I gave roses."
Chap. and • VoxPopuli: What actions can you for love?

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