I believe that the dismissal of Kozulin — it is immoral

Up sovereign of Orsha, where this year will be "Dozhinki":
Prince"If the army abandoned the field, means the real battle is for the collection. Cast army and" Dozhinki 2008. "We here in the village school staff wrote a collective letter that calculate monthly means for Saturday. People are outraged. More .. I wish to say that in Orsha constituency is sovereign Adashkevich whom remembered in our G. appeal to the people. Want to find out who else is on the Orsha electoral environment, as the elections are somehow very relaxed. Thank you. "
Orsha and Orsha district — two election neighborhood: I-26 urban and 27 th District — Dnieper. Said listener sovereign Adashkevich was once chairman of the Orsha district executive committee, the last 4 years — member of the House of Representatives. In This year he entered the Group’s activities in the 27th electoral environment, said a local public activist Ales Shutov:
"Apart from the sovereign Adashkevich there spokeswoman Anna Levchenkova BPF, also from the European Coalition stands Andrei Antashkevich. According to the 26th electoral district, two of the Group: the United Democratic Forces stands civilian representative of the United Party, Vladimir Yurzhitsa and a candidate from the authorities — Chief Belorussian the railroad Vladimir Zherelo. "
Listeners of Radio Liberty intensively continue open a discussion and the situation in the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hulk)
Ilya Kopil"Good evening," Freedom! "I think that the dismissal of the chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (D) Alexander Kozulin — it is immoral. Lyaukovich statement that the noble chairmen — unit sounds insulting and cynical. Kozulin not 70 years. Would I managed it all realize if Kozulin gave consent himself, if he sent Congress a statement. "
Maria Ivanovna"I appeal to the Emperor Lyaukovich. Justify people what you do for him more than Mr. Alyaksandr Kozulin. Currently, Kozulin for the people — a favorite. Total for you better."
Intensive discussions are listeners, which Alexander Lukashenko invited Lord Timothy Bell to improve their style.
"I wish to express my outlook about advertising regime Lord Timothy Bell. Belarusian There is a lovely word" extravagance. "Why spend money on this waste, you need to perform at least half of the demands put forward our EU regime? Like they released political prisoners, did not perceive animal law on the media info, etc.. I believe that this waste, and we have it, unfortunately, some ask. MPs can not ask the government where they are wasting our money. Thank you. "
Up listener commented former speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Stanislav Shushkevich:
"I can only be grateful for such a question: Why was invited Lord? In 1-x, you create a style is not the country, and the style of the president. And this style made certain person here, well, for example, such as Yuri Azaronak. Well what kind of authority it is, if it is in a state of "pure white fever" brought here from abroad? had to expel him. And our other hacks, such as "SB" and others, they also have no longer any popularity. Since people tired of praising the Belarusian authorities. ‘Cause you need to call someone who has a certain credibility. invited Lord, who really has a certain credibility. lord But be very, very good pay for the fact that he gave a positive recommendation to this unattractive regime and is aware listener. This really mad funds will cost our taxpayers. But I am convinced that our style of so-called elected nationwide to raise such makarom will be very difficult. "
The next call our listener:
"Belarusian Cornfield orphaned. Battlefield for collecting left our captain. Gunpowder or not enough fuel or over. And the news: the number one athlete of Belarus went on a long Beijing advise Belarusian athletes how to win Olympic medals. At the parade will. Oh, still and the white stallion to him … "
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