I’m the only university rector, who commutes on the subway

"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 contains the last word of the defendant at the trial of anti-Soviet Piatakov center: "{I’m just very sorry that together with us on the dock sits this is not the main offender does not repent, the offender prior to the end of what is Trotsky.} I acutely aware of their crimes and do not dare to ask you zniskhazhennnya. RUSSIA I do not even ask you for mercy. Within hours you will make your sentence. And here I stand before you in the mud, crushed their own atrocities, stripped of all his fault of their own — having lost the game, not having friends, lost family and lost himself. "
"Evening Minsk"
"Evening Minsk" in 1977 wrote about the fantastic things: "At the main oil and gas pipelines is an extraordinary assistant — dyryzhabal. Draft its creation designed for the transportation of fuel {Kiev scientists and approved the State Commission of Gosplan}. Such apparatus shall be as aeronautic train who flies. length of about one and a half miles, kreyserskaya speed — up to 100 km per hour. Role cars will do balloons and locomotive — dyryzhabal-buksyrovshchyk. dyryzhabal next take place in the composition of the tail to stabilize. {The project foresees the construction in the fields of special stations for loading of oil and gas.} "
Year 1997. Rector of the International Institute radyeekalegii Sakharov Lutsko Alexander says: "{Incidentally, I was the only university rector, who commutes on the subway. When people come to us foreign experts at their not even on what to bring from the airport.} General environmental programs from — expensive stuff because they need to produce with other countries. But if foreign funds do not regret it, in our country it is considered a secondary task. For example, it is much needed funds to complete the construction of the hull, since the present situation, we can not accept new students. Now lectures are conducted even in the gym. "

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