In Bobruisk christened street naming Dunin-Marcinkiewicz

Dunin-Marcinkiewicz Street — only in Bobruisk, dubbed the naming of the Belarusian cultural figure from the time of receipt of Belarus independence. In This year Belarusian community celebrated the bicentennial anniversary of Belarusian playwright. Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz was born February 4, 1808 in Bobruisk District Ponyushkovichi the manor. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz called in Bobruisk Cathedral.
Street naming betrothed Dunin-Marcinkiewicz — central location on the fortress. Says the chairman of the Bobruisk branch of the Society whiteRussian language Victor Malinowski:
"It’s still better than the street name somewhere on the outskirts of Bobruisk, in some remote district. All-somehow, the street adjacent to the church, or rather the remnants of the church in what was once baptized Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. from him almost nothing left. Did one foundation on which erected a two-story building, after as the church burned down in 1885. "
A year earlier, the BLS community Bobruisk City Executive Committee proposed to conduct in 2008 marked the 200th anniversary of Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. Supolkavtsy then offered to install a monument in Bobruisk Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, rename a street in the street Karl Libkhnehta Dunin-Marcinkiewicz also throughout the year to use the anniversary theme in the decoration of the town streets.
In Bobruisk town said that soon will appear in Bobruisk and Dunin-Marcinkiewicz monument, but did not specify when.
In the late 80-ies of XX century in Bobruisk were already going to establish a monument Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, but it is not brought to an end. Monument stolen. Instead he put a moderate bust. Dunin-Marcinkiewicz name in Bobruisk is dramatic theater. It is located on the street Karl Libkhnehta that and offered to rename activists TBM.
In general, with regard to titles Bobruisk streets, they remained constant with the Russian era. In Bobruisk City Council said that lately they are not going to change:
"We are building at the moment the seventh district, West district, there will appear the street, which will have a pretty view and modern facades.’s Where we find strengthening our eminent fellow memory in these new quarters."
Naming districts located on the outskirts of Bobruisk. In the midst of circumstances that do not allow rename Tipo Bobruisk central street in the City Council dubbed huge financial costs and inconvenience for people who are used to the old styled.
Street, named in honor of the Belarusian cultural figures in the town there, but they are in the personal sector, away from the town center:
"Usually, it is very small street on which are 50, sixty houses. There are no administrative buildings because these streets are nowhere mentioned. Even if the search engine Google to introduce "Bobruisk, Kupala street," I am sure that no information on this street will not. But it is, "- said the politician and historian Bobruisk Ales Chyhir.

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