In the Belarusian parliament — in Belarusian

In Belarusian appeal to voters in Belarusian families contribute to the signature sheets.
Reads protege UDF activist created party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Konstantin Zhukovsky:
"We are conducting a campaign to collect signatures only in Belarusian, appeal to people in Belarusian. Naturally, when she meets an expat — we live and he does not think in fact the Belarusian language, we talk to him in Russian, because we do not divide people by language. rare exceptions, all conducted in Belarusian. "
30 Eighth District, where a group of sovereign Zhukovsky collecting signatures, covers three districts — Buda-Koshelevo, Vetkovskiy, Checherskij th Zhlobinsky small part of the district. Here there are many people with their traditions and habits.
How people relate to the Belarusian-active group?
Mrs. Olga, member of the group, the collector of signatures:
"People are perfectly maintained and when you talk in their native language. However, some staring bewildered eyes."
At the collector of signatures Svyatoslav Accumulated more observations. From time to time he had to deal with even nepryyazzyu:
"Like when. Some people generally think whiteRussian language language of the opposition. And I at one point it was said that the Belarusian language — the language of the opponents. This — not ours. I asked: "Excuse me, but what — Belarusians’s not our language and not ours?" In-2-x, is fraught with irregularities. For example, in one village in the district of Buda-Koshelev personalize people, and rushed at me with his fists. Our opponents, I do not know what the candidate, voters expressly states: "For Constantine can not vote." This is a violation. We only collect signatures, and campaigning against us already.
In Chalč Vetkovskiy area we were that police drove through the village and warned voters that the signature can be set only once — and more impossible for anyone to give their signature. "
Collector Andrew said that faced with a peculiar situation where the applicant for the Belarusian-in candidate signatures, learning that he was not going to the polls on the power:
"People are more confidently refer to those who collect signatures. They say each other: Here the young states in Belarusian. From time to time slightly surprised, but are excellent. In my case, as it is constructed here, a pass for a typical signature said, when I read about Constantine Zhukovsky, that he did not Kagebeshnikam that he was not from the government. And it was a pass — the person to sign. "

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