In Zelva commemorated Larissa Heniyush

In today Service is usually ordered Larissa Heniyush in the church, which stands just opposite the house where she lived in Zelva. Sudden for many of those present became the father of Alexander the sermon. He referred to the misunderstanding that the school is not taught creativity Larissa Heniyush and expressed the hope that this will change and creativity of the poet will be taught at school. The priest quoted her poems.
Father Alexander said that Larissa Heniyush — hero of our country, a great daughter of the Belarusian people. When people came out of the temple, they expressed gratification from what he heard. At the cemetery, where he is buried next to her husband Larissa Heniyush Vanya, gathered more than 60 people.

Have an idea to install a plaque on the house in Prague, where he once lived Larissa Heniyush

Grodno poetess Danuta Bichel thought of her, and later read about the poet writer Michas Scoble. The church was also the Deputy Ambassador of the Czech Republic German Chrome. He wishes to speak at the grave Heniyush. The diplomat said that he unofficially forgiven for Czechoslovak Communists for what they gave in 1948 Larissa Heniyush who lived in Prague, the Russian authorities. He said that it remained Czechoslovak citizen. He told about the plan to install a plaque on the house in Prague, where he once lived Larissa Heniyush.
Siuchyk reminded that public organizations must appeal to the President of the Czech Republic to help in the rehabilitation of Larissa Heniyush as appeal to the Belarusian authorities to no avail.
From the cemetery participants went into the woods near Zel’venskii reservoir where Danuta Bichel presented his book of memoirs, where among other tells of a meeting with Larissa Heniyush. In the forest, were also bards Olga Tereshchenko Bartosik Dmitry Dmitry Sydorovych. Honoring the memory of Larisa Heniyush in Zelva established to create a movement "For Freedom" together with local activists.

Oleg Romashkevich monument near Larissa Heniyush

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