Independent media became less dependent on opposition

Responses to these questions — monitoring data in the Belarusian Association of Journalists.
Monitoring in surrounding from 21 to 31 July, presented a PhD Ales Antipenko. Sovereign Antipenko noted that media coverage of municipal elections in their own classical manner:
"Despite the fact Belarusian authorities are paying today’s parliamentary elections essentially a huge political weight, if associated with the past, the time and space given at the moment the electoral process, noticeably (from time to time in two and even three times) less than the time that is given to the weather forecast and sports release. This means, that our country elections as before are not the major political event. "
By Ales Antipenko, independent media at the moment the least dependent on the opposition than it was during the 2004 parliamentary elections. Scientists believe this is a positive development:
"Narodnaya Volya" equilibrium more lights at the moment different subjects of the electoral process. If you had previously seen — they and we, at the moment, "Narodnaya Volya" more accurately describes the different subjects of the electoral process.
Regarding the case of the opposition on the part of non-state media, we saw at least (still, maybe sooner read that this is a trend) are a neutral tone of the coverage of their activities, as well as positive and bad. It seems to me that This is the meaninge-governmental mass media become less dependent on political actors in our country. "
Chief editor of "Narodnaya Volya" Kalinkina comments on this expression:
"In 1-x, we must note that to own main, competitive step campaign has not yet reached. And while it is not clear even in the vicinity of the individual, someone who would be a contender.
In-2, the company itself is in a state where there was virtually no more significant scandals, when there was no significant antagonism of bidders and bidders from power-independent, democratic.
Justreturned to action in the course of the campaign, and that the newspaper writes. So far, unfortunately, the company we have is not very exciting. And we behave very reserved. Describe what what’s happening . "

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