Investigators in the case of explosion seek out family video

Number interrogated this case exceeded 1,000.

In Minsk and regions for questioning by the KGB and militia in the blast case as before the opposition cause. Now the last political prisoner Timofei Dranchuk answered questions KGB investigators in the criminal case of malicious hooliganism (so qualified power bomb blast that injured more than fifty people).
Timofei Dranchuk said "Freedom" that investigators are interested more information related to the activities of an unregistered organization "Young Front".
"A lot of questions, do not touch the explosion completely. Asks:" What are you doing? What is relevant to the "Young Front"? What actions are planned in "Yuen front"? "Etc. So makarom, using the blast, they just fill up your base of operations, and instead to do it in their own normal mode, silently collecting information, they use this moment (explosion), that make up this base and simplify your work. "
Meanwhile representatives told police that so called the "Sensor lies" checked readings 1st witness the explosion, whose name is not dubbed. Understood only that it is an unemployed citizen of Minsk, which for 47 years.
A spokesman for the Interior Ministry Oleg Slepchenko told "Freedom" about the investigation:
"We had previously released a photo of people from the blast site. Last person who motivate us, almost mon came in October police station and gave testimony. Spent with him the initial complex investigative and operational activities, which gave a lot of valuable disk imaging.
At the moment, we are very interested in the family is at the epicenter of the explosion, which did not take place. We spread superstitions. This man, a woman and a boy who danced. They shot the kid in the video, and specifically this video we are interested.
Video made before the explosion. We are interested not people, and video.
We questioned the huge number of people. Figure people interviewed and questioned among them — who for us is witnessed — is already over a thousand, "- said Oleg Slepchenko. Tags: consequence, Dranchuk explosion

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