Likely if the dialogue between authorities and opposition?

Valery Karbalevich: "In the near future among the opposition appeared several proposals aimed at trying to make a dialogue with the authorities. Initially, a statement was made our current spokesman Dmitry Bondarenko. Later letter to Lukashenko proposing joint celebration BNR anniversary organizing committee on preparation prepared rally on March 25, who heads a favorite BPF Vyachorka. And in the end, an open letter to Lukashenko Milinkevich. What are these steps? What are the goals they seek to achieve the organizers? This PR stunt or an attempt to actually do a dialogue with the authorities? "
Dmitry Bondarenko: "A couple of days after my initiative in the same direction has begun to address management steps BPF. Later Milinkevich made. And these initiatives — this is the reality of our lives.
It made as the situation changed. In among the opposition were that — that the West will impose sanctions against Belarus, then we can start negotiations. Now it was that strong economic sanctions imposed Our homeland. And it completely changed the political landscape of Belarus.
Historical experience indicates that at some step of the dictatorship did many steps that Tipo contradicted the logic of their existence. Belarusian regime pushes to this dramatic change in the economic situation and, as a result of geopolitical values. Because there is a chance for such a dialogue. "
Eagar Rinkevich: "Yesterday I seriously debated on this topic Alexander Kozulin. He just I heard about these "reveransy Milinkevich towards Lukashenko" transmission of Radio Liberty. "Kozulin believes that this is a game by the rules Lukashenko. Indeed default can only speak on equal terms with a position of strength. Belarusian-Russian conflict showed that Lukashenko could compromise on only under the pressure of hard events.
Letter Milinkevich — a manifestation of his political and human helplessness. After all, this excess trump card to Lukashenko, which may include power only on the basis of conflict and blackmail.
I believe that the letter Milinkevich — faster application of human rights activist than a politician who tried to play the role of a solid favorite. This is more than a tactical move that seeks to settle the government and March 25 passed without repression.
I wish that after March 25 Lukashenko was an ultimatum. Kozulin yesterday filed the attorney general, so he gave a legal assessment of the application of the citizen Lukashenko rigged election and filed a criminal case. "
Karbalevich: "Either these initiatives have raised some prepyadstviya the authorities? Hard to imagine authorities really go to some political liberalization. In this case, what can get political dividends from the opposition? "
Bondarenko: "We are not going to take prisoners. Their release is a condition for the start of negotiations with the opposition as well as from the European Union, as a test for Lukashenko.
Also, we want to offer Lukashenko test for patriotism. We say, let’s celebrate together on March 25 and will demonstrate independence and change.
By the way, just read on a number of websites that management BSDP (D) — in other words, the party Kozulin — declared its readiness to negotiate with the authorities. And I would wish sire Rinkevich commented on this post. A sovereign Kazulina we wish courage and faith in partners. Remember him and fight for liberation. "
Rinkevich: "To test Lukashenko enough 12 years. Regarding the position of Belarusian Social Democratic Party (D) in this questiony, we wish to note that the party did not take control of the consolidated solutions. This private world sovereign Claus. "
Karbalevich: "But can it happen that the harm from these measures, the opposition will be more than utility? This alienate Moscow attempts to make a dialogue with the Belarusian opposition. Though it seemed that a position which, for example, took Milinkevich during oil and gas crisis, promotes such dialogue. On the other hand, such steps could push the EU opposition to the lifting of sanctions against Belarus, negotiations with the official Minsk without any real progress towards democracy. "
Bondarenko: "Initially, Lukashenko should begin a dialogue with the opposition. Utter opposition and later Europe, we can start negotiations with the official Minsk.
On some of the Belarusian opposition dialogue with Moscow I can not understand it. Putin has never sought to release Marinich Kozulin, although they are listed as pro-Russian politicians. Our homeland economic sanctions imposed for incorporation of Belarus. Yesterday on the NTV channel showed transfer "to the barrier." And there Zhirinovsky blamed Lukashenko that he does not wish to enter into the Russian Federation. As you know, Zhirinovsky always expresses the position of the Kremlin. "
Rinkevich: "Opposition always lacked strategic thinking, the use of professionals to develop scenarios and search resources. It seems to me that this move with a letter Milinkevich — not far step.
Naturally, the other day negotiations should create suitable mental conditions. If before the beginning of the opposition will argues that the president is illegitimate, and he would read that the opposition has no public support, the hard count on a good result. But, on the other hand, the problem of hiding that, since 1996, the country has witnessed anti-constitutional processes, is also impossible.
Now about the Russian cause. Kozulin believes that if a Belarusian politician will be able to build a better business with Russia Lukashenko, it will only benefit Belarus.
Even during my New Year’s meeting with Kazulin he stated that the opposition should form a delegation and participate in Belarusian-Russian talks on energy issues. Kozulin was that whole year expectations concessions from the authorities, passivity opposition disappointed people. "
Karbalevich: "Both of my interlocutors were that the opposition should be the subject of negotiations with the EU and Belarus, and Russia. But the opposition can force to be reckoned with? Letter Milinkevich other steps today its opposition to secure the position for a role in these negotiations probable or weaken? "
Bondarenko: "The opposition has such weighty representative Milinkevich, who entered the league supreme political world. It is common, has friendly relations with the leaders of the EU and European states. And EU proposals have been made to the official Minsk considering approaches opposition. And yesterday’s talks Milinkevich in Brussels confirmed this thesis. EP President said that the EU’s position remains unchanged: first steps Lukashenko for democratization, and only later to start a dialogue. "
Rinkevich "Kozulin believes that Lukashenko will not make concessions until there is a balance of forces. To do this, the opposition must be strong, to increment its resources.
Regarding the position of the EU, I am sure that she will be granted a few symbolic steps management Belarus, and will negotiate with Lukashenko.
Another important point. Milinkevich letter appeared after, as Lukashenko in an interview Royterz denied the ability to perform those 12 criteria, which put forward the EU. And what now read? There are already must be another format and actions of the opposition, the EU and the Russian Federation. "

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