Lukashenko complains Russian oppression

Belarusian manager also described as "silly" the project of building a gas pipeline from Russia to Europe bypassing Belarus under the Baltic Sea.
"Echo of Moscow" and the words quoted Lukashenko that only 30 percent of the inhabitants of Belarus supported the idea of unification with Russia. The reason why the views Lukashenko, Russian authorities in politics, "which threw Belarus loop on the neck."
"What kind of alliance can be read as if the factory, farm, private trader in Russia have privileged conditions, receiving gas three times cheaper than business entities in Belarus — Lukashenko said. — Who needs such an alliance, if we such makarom oppress. "
Alexander Lukashenko said Our homeland that never be an empire, because she lacks the resources, she lost everything, refusing "pays for it to pull up to the republic for themselves." "Our homeland is no intrigued former Soviet republics, — said Alexander Lukashenko. — There is no effective RF foreign policy, if it is not associated with someone’s personal interests. But at some point the Russian people rise from its knees and force to pursue the policy that you want. "
Belarusian leader says Belarus RF makes for a lot of free services: transit to hundreds of millions of dollars, border protection, customs clearance products. With all this sovereign Lukashenko noted now Belarus "is practically composed of, over within the Russian Federation, the Russian people here is better than in Russia itself. "
Despite the bad evaluation adresok Russian Tsar almost Lukashenko promised that some turn in his policy will not. According to Lukashenko, he is not going to create a "pro-American system" near Smolensk.
Lukashenka: "But at the moment we will use at any moment in order to do business with the West. Why should we quarrel with them."
Read: Full text of the interview on the website of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" Only a third of Belarusians wishes of» one government in association with Russia

What is the attitude of Belarusians in Russia?
Recall that in Last year Lukashenko said Russian reporters: "Higher gas prices — is to break all relations. The economy the way for sure." According registered in Lithuania independent Institute of Socio-economic and political research (NISEPI), his outlook shared 53.3% of Belarusians are not shared — 32.4%, the rest could not determine.
With yet another expression of Lukashenko that "If the tanks go from there to Russia, we will be here to breathe in Russia", 25.9% of respondents agreed, disagreed — 51.4% of respondents, while others reacted to this expression flegmantichno or could not reply.
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