Lukashenko is silent because it expects what cost call our homeland

"I look at the escalation of the situation in the Caucasus through the Belarusian State enthusiasm. That there occurs — this, of course, bad Belarus. If we proceed from the interests Lukashenko,it just political dividends received from there occurs. His position in negotiations with Russia intensified, Moscow will presently find allies in Europe, and because the eye will be drawn to Belarus. And Lukashenko will conduct trade. Maybe economic claims on Russia may weaken some time. Bad and what is now the attention of the international community will focus on the Caucasus, not the parliamentary election campaign in Belarus.
And why Lukashenko to This time silent? Why the official Minsk hitherto made no case for this conflict?
"Time is working here on Lukashenko. He is silent, so he did not know what the last value refers to the Kremlin. He is waiting for proposals from the Russian Federation. As they are called, he immediately declares. And declare all it must. But has not yet named the price — it will be silent "

Tags: Our homeland, Liabedzka conflict, georgia

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