Malmygi: Let fear the one who was a thief

Village Malmygi impossible to find on the map. She went missing exactly 30 May years ago Vileika beneath the waves of the sea. But in spite of all, the village Malmygi continues to live in the memory of former villagers and their kids. Once a year at the memorial stone, which established themselves former malmyzhtsy, people gather from Vileika and Orsha, Minsk and Grodno, even come from Estonia and Latvia.
I was lucky enough to join this community at the festival to the cashier. Procession of several machines Vileika moved toward the sea. After a few km walk along the forest paths, left the company to tremendous stone with wood orthodox cross next. Company consisted of a dozen people of different ages, different incomes, from different parts of the country. But everyone has joined voedinyzhdy shared memory and shared a craving for home.

I estimated the size of the memorial stone, ice stone in human growth. How to adore his small home to perpetuate her memory so giant. The inscription on the sign reads: "This monument is set in the summer of 2003 on the site of the former village Malmygi, which was carried out in connection with the construction of the reservoir. At that time in her 64 yards lived 212 inhabitants. Excuse me, good people, for what we find you here, and not near his home. " Highest two fine men, whose childhood was spent in Malmygah proudly explained to me how to set the stone.

Victor: "There crane dvatstsatsitonnik almost fell."
Reporter: "How do you set this stone?"
Victor: "Anatoly V. found the stone. After we jointly organized trawl crane. Sank to drop off This time. Began to mount. If the valve together with a stone flew, we framed shoulder, crane support. Because without incident. Decent stone such. "
Reporter: "And the village was where? On this either under water?"
Victor: "Underwater".
Sasha: "And once more guy when the army came and took the boat swam specifically there."
Reporter: "You swam in place …"
Sasha: "Where was the village."
Reporter: "And no one has a desire to go diving? Wear a mask …"
My awkward joke about diving did not call guys peaceful grin. And I switched to a fine half. My attention was lured two girls. Not only beauty, and neatly Belarusian language. Taking into account the age, the ladies can not keep in mind Malmygav. But something led them here. They are teachers of language and history. Lena — from Vitebsk and Hope — from Orsha.

Lena: "And we are still in the project was not. Though as our fathers were married, my mother remembers, there is still the house fontanelle. We were born in the 74th."
Hope: "History should know."
Reporter: "You have to?"
Hope: "The story itself creates stately affairs people. We had and still have a great race."
Victor: "The most exciting, now May 30 years as the village does not exist. "
Soon our conversation with beautiful women went about the everyday concerns.
Hope: "As part of the country we are nothing. Same Belarusian language. One hour a week. How to teach them? A small kids, they do not know it. They will not know." Dr. Zetsi. Decent D-Shade. "
Reporter: "And what are the prospects?"
Hope: "No".
Lena: "As I gave the kid his own school, there was a choice. Or Belarusian-class or English class. For whiteRussian language We had two. And for all the other British. We went to an English-speaking. "
Hope: "They say:" What’s your Belarusian literature? This is garbage. "
Lena: "I propose to his contemporary." Zinc boys. "
Reporter: "And Orlov?"
Lena: "I like that. But he’s in opposition, Orlov. Its the same anywhere in the program no. Bykov And not in the program. Since he in opposition. Buraukin removed because the opposition."
After the commemoration native village on the hood of a car, after the memoirs of former neighborhood after glasses for the repose of the dead, I was invited to razlyubeznaya neighboring village, in the oldest house on malmyzhtsa today, 70-year-old grandfather Jora. This peasant face with literary classics, with a wise eye glasses because horny life worked as an electrician on Vialejka sea and, by the way, not a single life was rescued hapless swimmers. And sovereign ZHoru be considered the first Belarusian political prisoners. Even when Belarus nobody heard about the timing "for politics," in the far 1991, my grandfather went to the main Jora Vialejka area. To publicly burn their own membership card. For this act old Zhora to 15 days. After that ran in life only to the Belarusian language.

Reporter: "Do you realize that the fall will be the parliamentary elections?"
Old man: "Yes."
Reporter: "Talk to them or will not?"
Old: "Listen to the president, as he swears it will be conscientious choices. I do not believe."
Reporter: "Many people believe it."
Old: "And you know why? Propaganda. Television, radio in the same hands."
Reporter: "But you do not take it?"
Old man: "And do not take it. Main — honesty."
To table talk spouse joins an old malmyzhtsa, powerful, talkative lady.
Ancient: "No. Out of trust. Already old states will not vote. I am not afraid, because he did not bury me, as he buried Zavadsky. Bury And so what, I already ancient. Suppose digs. I’m not afraid. no trust in humans. "
Reporter: "But why?"
Old Woman: "Prices grow. NOT vganyaetstsa this pension. "
Reporter: "The bad news is that confidence is tied to these prices."
Ancient: "Well, what they may think, say? They think only their stomach."
Belarusian leader is taken to protect a neighbor.
Neighbor: "Whoever tries, he has. Look, each machine. Everyone goes to work. "
Ancient "Let Belarus would have given their earnings. Where are our wages? Why do I need to go to Russia? And where we all go? Where all is lost?"
And here is the brand new theme. Babes and grandchildren who serve in the militia. And taking part in the dispersal of the rally. How grandnephew of our heroine.
Ancient "But they always stood in the cordon. And he was such a healthy. And we have asked: "Sasha, what would you do? Here for you given these whips. Thrashed people or not?" — "We are also urging." Here is the awareness among young people. "We also urge." I said: "Sasha, God forbid you go over this strip. We will at all … We are people, farmers, coming from the people. And God forbid you go on such steps. This is a disaster for us."
I have many times with pleasure convinced of the wisdom of the Belarusian grandfathers, which does not take and never take no propaganda. After all, they have seen a lot in own life. And almost all of this life can tell.
Old man: "War beheld. And beheld these Germans. Guerrillas And beheld. They took everything that they need and what not to. Well it this way: we have three kids was — take a cow and a story. Well, how so? And I will discuss the case itself. Germans established order. Appointed elders. And we headman in the village no one was willing to accept the same database. So they took turns. short, became Borovoj such, Ivan. So men they say: "Why do we change? Whether you’
re prefect. What is the difference for you? "
Ancient: "Well, I’m sorry. Headman made."
Old man: "The village forced him. Came And our — and 10 years of hard labor. And for what? And if braked on my father?"
Ancient: "My uncles and all my mother’s brothers were exiled to Siberia."
Old: "So all I syzmalstva summarized, summarized. Why go out? Life go, not the field."
Reporter: "And what the most important thing in life? "
Old: "To find out life itself. Entire life I never zarugavsya. According mom. Father taught me:" That’s right, son. That person thinks that he is. What do you think, you know. "So I live by this principle. Never leave was not. Now come Sunday, you can not survive. How it works without How to relax if the most perfect vacation — work? Yesterday I went to her grandmother cemetery. I ordered was there. My time is completed. I’ll go there. But I think forafter what I so overgrown with weeds there? "
Reporter: "Are not you afraid of destruction?"
Old: "Perdition? I? Nothing. Since I have lived my life honestly. Why should I be afraid? Let afraid whoever thief. And he feared, because revenge will be. Why should I be afraid? Disgusting anyone I did not . So I can go there with the soul of net go. No, man! "

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