Michael Phelps — The Amphibian Man

With the current a day or 23-year-old Michael Phelps belongs to the most notable title in the sport — the best Olympian of all time. He blocked the achievement of another Yankees Brand Spittsa, that in 1972 in Munich "fished" from the Olympic swimming pool seven gold medals. And all Michael Phelps has already 14 titles Olympic champion. And it is also the world’s best achievement.
Honored coach of Belarus in swimming Vladimir Zvernik, in the past one of the team coaches Russian Union does not find many words to express his admiration:
"This, of course, the paradox is more Spittsa. Machine is the greatest. This — a real paradox."
Sovereign Zvernik says that such people appear very rarely. Nature itself gives them something extraordinary. And Michael Phelps is associated with Russian swimmers Vladimir Salnikov:
"If we had not missed the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, then something similar for the three Olympics could have and Vladimir Salnikov. Since it was also a car. His aorta was as wide as a human hand. There was blood all be healthy cells as ! "
Here we must mention that the athletes of the USSR together with the majority of the then socialist camp for political reasons boycotted the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the South American.
Swimmers Belarus in the Olympic pool in Beijing did not show anything meaningful. Best result — eighth place — had now Alexandra Gerasimenya on the 50m freestyle.
Vladimir Zvernik mentions that Alexander Gerasimenya lost almost two years:
"It was set up our own. Currently already this can be accurately read. Gave her something to drink, and later recognized travel abroad for a big event. Doping! She lost two years.
Later, she received a medal — and at the European Championships and the World Cup. But not at the Olympic kinds of applets — for example, 50 meters or on the back of a dolphin. It — excellent. But this is not Olympic kinds. "
The Belarusian team now had huge hopes for the first "gold" of the Beijing Olympics. The competition in the hammer throw all expected to win from Ivan Tikhon. It did not work. The captain of the Belarusian Olympic team — only "bronze": 81 meters 51 centimeters. In second place — Belarusian athlete Vadim Dzevyatouski, comrade who walked exactly 10 cm, but they lost both Olympic champion Primoz Kozmus Slovenia — 82 m 2 cm
Favourite 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo Romuald Klim watched the competition on TV. He is confident — not weaker Belarusian throwers for Slovene. "So what did they overcome vosprepyadstvovalo then?" — I asked the Emperor Climate.
"And what I did there? I did not speak with them.’s Return, ask them."
Feels that Romuald Klim offended. And not because he was not invited to go to Beijing. He has not even seek the advice here in Minsk. And this despite the fact that the technique of throwing the hammer, which has an Olympic favorite Tokyo, hitherto considered a reference:
"Who do I need? I always tell the truth. And it’s not like …"
How were other Belarusian Olympians now? In fehtavanni saber Alexander Buikevich, Valery Acceptance and Dmitry Lapkes took fifth place. At first they gave the Italians, but after the team defeated Egypt and China.
Basketball Belarus gave way to the girls from Brazil — 53:68. But the outcome of this game had no effect on the 3rd place in our own group of women. Tuesday in the quarterfinals of the Belarusians will play with the team in China.
The heroine of the last Olympics Yuliya Nesterenko failed to reach the end of the Olympic hundred meters. In the semifinals, she was fifth.
In rifle shooting malakalibernay Vitaly Bubnovich was 29 m, and Sergei Martynov — 34th.
In a free fight Olga Khilko lost in the eighth end Monica Michalik from Poland.
Natalia Tsilinskaya came in fourth at the end of the sprint races Olympic track through the consolation race, where she was the first.
After rozygrannya half of all medal-winning team are already 68 states. According to the "gold" in the first place hosts the Olympic Games — 35 medals. The full advantage of the number of medals on the side of U.S. Olympians — 65.
Olympians Belarus have three silver and seven bronze medals, giving them an overall 42 th place. Tags: day, Olympiad, the ninth

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