Mogilev: 10,000 signatures against the closure of the household shop

July 22 executive committee decided to implement an auction center building. Bureaucrats need to argue closing reconstruction structure. From official sources, it is clear after Home repair household will be part of a shopping and entertainment center. Collected signatures entrepreneurs are going to send to the president and the government.
House of life is at the center of Mogilev, exactly opposite the city executive committee. It was built in 1973 and to This time never repaired. In the management of the property they say that are going to repair the building two years. That instead of offering businessmen? Employee council says:
"Everyone at this time wants to have a space in the center, is the best option. We all kinds of services and maintain those areas that they occupy, they will be entitled participate in the reconstruction and get it in the property or after renovation for 3 years rent on municipal rates. "
Businessmen executive committee said that the decision to sell by auction houses life for its reconstruction adopted this year on July 22. Or sold the building to this time unable to learn.
Materials of the local press is understandable, but what else first this year own ground plot size of one and a half acres, on which the House of Life, was recorded in Minsk foreign entity "Larsanda." It has received the right to fifty years lease on this plot.
Assurances from officials entrepreneurs do not believe. In less than three months, they collected 10 thousand signatures against the closure of its clients home life.
"Where can we escape the period of reconstruction?’s The question. Remains many unemployed. Those facilities that we offer are not suitable for public services. Give in those places where people never go" — said the owner of a shoe shop.
In the House of life lease space about forty businessmen. Some of them they say that they all employ 100 eighty people.
Tenants range and that House after reconstruction own life saves the current status:
"This building will take a completely different business. Specifically, the service center will no longer exist," — says owner of a mechanical workshop.
The situation with the House of life business is not satisfied. And they believe their customers?
Man: "It is very necessary. I now come to get a haircut, a jewelry shop, I broke the chain, and if you will not have to travel to Minsk. "
Lady: "Around the reconstruction, it is possible. But I heard that his wish to buy and make a play center. I do not like. We and so these centers, allegedly we are rich."
Man: "Of course, it is needed. I once worked here too. Naturally, he needed all over town."
Last employee shoe repair shop in the House of life Tsurpanau believes that 10 thousand signatures will not be a significant reason of concern in protecting the rights of businessmen:
"People who have signed up, you need to get together and assure firmness to defend their own purposes its right specifically to that the convenience of receiving services. Man comes to stay somewhere and becomes a window superiors with family, neighbors, and this is a big community. Then you need to give an answer on the merits. And as such, customers act as an isolated, I do not think they can be placed to such actions. "
Ruler Tsurpanova fired according to the presidential decree banning employees for business use. In February Tsurpanova punished 10 days in jail for a company business meeting on Lenin Square in Mogilev.
Home life entrepreneurs recognize that they can not organize themselves and arrange their own customers for more constructive action. "Collect signatures — the only thing that we can do at the moment. Signatures we will send to the president and the government," — they said.
As for the all-encompassing personal services centers, according to the management of trade in Mogilev their 5. Four of them are from the city’s periphery.

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