NATO says the Russian Federation to withdraw from Georgia

None of the observers were not pinned his hopes to hear some sensational statements in the address of the Russian Federation by the Alliance.
Fact, true that the union defeated in their own gaze relative response to Russian military intervention in Georgia.
U.S. and NATO members from Eastern Europe would that union has taken a tough stance against the Russian Federation, condemned its military operation in Georgia as an outrageous violation of international law and stop certain forms of cooperation with Moscow.
Germany, France and some other countries take a more moderate position — NATO should adopt a statement beware Russia before criterion violation of the ceasefire that had been agreed between Georgia and Russia brokered by French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
According to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the final statement came "strong":
"In a statement, like the table, sounded strong words to the Our homeland that must fulfill its obligations under the ceasefire, the data as its president. It is time that the Russian president has kept his word and brought Russian forces from Georgia in a position where they were before August 6-7. "
NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hop Scheffer said reporters that the union agreed to form a new advisory body — the NATO-Georgia Commission — like the Commission, that the Alliance has with Ukraine.
Immediately de Hop Scheffer said that the union does not want to suspend the activities of the NATO-Russia Council, though added that the Council will not be collected until Russian troops occupy "a huge part of Georgia."
Do not look, but that all NATO members were pleased with such formulation difficulties. The other day, a meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels Affairs German newspaper "Financial Times Deutschland" written in an ironic commentary that if the question of the Russian-Georgian conflict, the European Union and NATO require intermediaries, for sure, to an even greater extent than Moscow and Tbilisi.

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