Or will partner government and business?

Valery Karbalevich: "In the near future in the rhetoric of officials, new notes. They say they are increasingly on the role of business, the need to support it. That’s about it yesterday and read Prime Sidorsky. There is information that produced a series of legislative acts — at least, presidential decrees aimed at supporting businesses, creating suitable criterion for its development.
Now a meeting of Parliament to support the role of entrepreneurship presidential administration, government, and business alliances. What caused this brand new rhetoric and certain government measures toward business? "
Yaroslav Romanchuk: "Increases in the prices of oil and gas is urging the authorities to take action. If the financial situation deteriorates, you can take using tax money from businessmen.
I do not believe authorities strive to make better conditions for business. The business climate in Belarus every year compounded. The individual steps for liberalization in the sector or otherwise do not affect the general outline. As personal property, entrepreneurship are the antithesis of what socialist test, which is conducted in our country.
Then that at the moment authorities use market rhetoric suggests a sense of failure of this experience, which are beginning to feel the head of the country. In addition, the authorities fear that employers not defected to protest, not to join the opposition. Because I believe these discussions officials imitation of market reforms. "
Karbalevich: "Can not read quite right that the situation with the business climate is constantly getting worse. In my opinion, it would be more correct to assert that an unfavorable business climate has not changed in the best side."
Romanchuk: "No, the climate is getting worse. For Global Bank in 2006 Belarus is at 129th place in this indicator in 2005 — to 124-m, and before that was in the first hundred".
Karbalevich: "So maybe this is because most of the business climate improves, and in Belarus is at a standstill because the country and all the slides below in this ranking?"
Sergei Balykin: "This market rhetoric has always been. Past fifteen years the Belarusian authorities states that it supports the business. But in fact government is not interested in business development. I saw such a phenomenon all government measures in the deterioration of the business climate took place to the accompaniment of market rhetoric , support for "bona fide" entrepreneurs. "
Romanchuk: "In the program there Lukashenko recently presidential election was the thesis of the partnership business and the country. But it was a declaration."
Karbalevich: "Why is the word of officials are not joined to actions? Here a striking example — sadly recognizable presidential decree number 760, which practically leads to the elimination of personal business. There are other anti-market steps. So what really leaning toward municipal politics? "
Romanchuk: "Now the authorities are pursuing a policy of repression against the business. It is not appropriate to state policy. For example, possible bring to the personal characteristics of the economic? I can not imagine for yourself some personal plant, which would not be under the Ministry of Architecture and Construction.
The only meaning of personal development sector officials is to get through such structures profits for itself. Possible through personal office channeling municipal funds in their own pockets. And even if you begin privatization, the bureaucrats will try that municipal ownership came to "own" people. "
Balykin "Fact, that in our guide strongly enough qualified professionals. That decree number 760 appeared due to official incompetence. "
Karbalevich: "Maybe the problem is not in the low-skilled officials, and that the non-governmental sector in the country is contrary to the existing social model? And this is a good model for the retention of power. Because authorities are guided by political considerations rather than economic necessity."
Balykin: "In principle, it is. But if you read the decree number 760, here I see no political necessity. Personal business trying to force switch to the status of a legal entity. Addition, the prohibition of individual entrepreneurs to hire employees — this time Russian stereotypes who are sitting in the minds of officials. "
Karbalevich: "Maybe there occurs any lobbying business interests — for example, the owners of supermarkets?"
Balykin: "It is. But the amount of taxes paid by the business, does not depend on the form in which it exists."
Karbalevich: "But after the increase in energy prices newcomer situation develops. In the budget may not be enough funds to support half of socialist industry, farm system implementation applets agrotowns construction, support of small towns. Likely to increase unemployment.
Such criteria would be completely logical twist public policy toward business. So can we expect at least partial, cosmetic liberalization in the economy due to the recent situation with energy prices? "
Romanchuk: "If unemployment increases, people will start to rebel authorities throughout the business can charge. Say, that’s not willing to entrepreneurs to create new jobs.
There is another problem. There is no unity between the different layers of business and business associations. Organizations involving entities not seek to protect the personal business.
Liberalization can be expected only when the very press. In this case, the pressure will come from regions where the situation is more complicated. A business organizations themselves have developed a platform for business development, in which approximately 75 claims to power.
Can be compared with the situation that prevailed in relations with Russia. If you really crushed, then began to read about Lukashenko’s independence, do reveransy toward the West. But today’s speech and the steps the authorities did not indicate that they are ready to go now, or tomorrow at liberalization. While there is more than PR. "
Balykin "Liberalization — giving it greater freedom. While there will be this option, the more economic freedom in Belarus will not.
There likely is a situation where in one area will be made relief business, and the other — on the contrary, the condition will worsen. For example, an increase in unemployment may seem a decree simplifying doing business in craft activities, tourism and others. But while there will be this power, it would not abandon the administrative control methods. "
Karbalevich "So makarom, my interlocutors concluded that hardly can wait deepest configurations of power politics in relation to business. After all, freedom of entrepreneurship development in Belarus made contrary to the social model. But a partial exemptions for personal sector, under certain circumstances, perceptible deterioration in the economic state can be fully wait. "

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