Our homeland of Belarus will face our neighbors

In Sochi the meeting of the presidents of Belarus and Russia Alexander Lukashenko and Dmitry Medvedev. It was in the main merger defense systems, also on the cost of gas for Belarus for the next year. Comments listeners:
Prince Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "I am strongly opposed to create together with the Russian air defense troops and place them on the ground in Belarus. Our homeland from our area will threaten our decent, friendly neighbors who have us personally, our country is not threatened. Our homeland and pro-Kremlin authorities in Belarus make us their hostages. "
Sovereign Borisov: "Better to let it pull off the vyalikaimperski spirit and after the era of Bolshevism itself will build the first cultivation and urban democracy and European civilization. And help us in this regard, the Belarusians".
Sovereign Stanislav, Ivantsevichy: "Commander of the Belarusian countries all over the world to go under sworn enemy tank, to prevent the enemy on the ground majestically Russia. How come that time, he behaved like an ostrich."
The last presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin held his first press conference after his release from jail. Listeners "Freedom" continue to speak out on release of political prisoners:
Galina, Mogilev: "Congratulations on the victory of the Belarusian opposition. Alexander Kozulin free. Smallish bow and thank the European Union, the United States for support of the Belarusian opposition giant in the struggle for the liberation of Alexander Kozulin."
Ms. Maria Ivanovna, d. Kvasovka: "All the news stirred Grodno region:" Kozulin released. "Mr. Alyaksandr released! But who is responsible for these courageous son izymatelstva with the Belarusian people?"
Man: "Let You Live in your own full-time students only who pour gryazyuka management of the country. But I still say. Kozulin’s requests 2 million euro from our control. And I think that he needs to sue Milinkevich, with whom he organized the "buzu." While Kozulin was sitting, Milinkevich abroad received orders, medals, huge amounts of money. "
Expression commented political analyst Ales Lahvinets:
"It is a question of who and what planted in jail Alexander Kozulin. Entire global community and the Belarusian democratic community recognized him a prisoner of conscience. And a man who suffered from such an unfair decision has the right to recover damages from the Belarusian country."
The following calls — on elections to the House of Representatives.
Emperor Victor Butoh: "Just that most of the parliamentary candidates demonstrate that they are willing to do their direct duties to the voters or citizens living in their electoral environment in Belarus. They rely, that" vertikalschikov "appoint their deputies or case for voters their vote. "
Man: "With regard to elections … Alexander G. persuades himself that the elections should be democratic, open, conscientious. Yes only will you?"
Emperor Vladimir, Mozyr: "Not all included" conscious "in the electoral commission, the all from the street and not to include. Observers will arrive more than voters, with all this with ready-made conclusions that all undemocratic. "
Expression Editor public comments this week, one of the candidates for the elections IGrew Bernikovich:
"Observers will be really a lot. But there are also observers from Russia, paslyasavetskih other states."
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