Privatized the power you need to give the people

On the days of the Council of Ministers issued a decree that in Belarus before the end of 2010 to be privatized 519 municipal companies. Arguments for our listeners this topic:
Sovereign Rybakov: "Belarus is the privatization of the subsequent year. In Russia currently unemployed Chubais promised to all two" Volga ". Already Chubais No GAZ" Volga "does not produce. Belarus already covered with a copper basin voucher privatization. Currently people offer to take shares of these companies at their own expense. From banks to delay unnecessary portion of funds, much less that the population has more than a trillion Belarusian funds. Maybe it would be less than inflation. Especially since the deposits in our banks BEAC — mine is slow acting. If people go withdraw funds, it will be an explosion worse than independence day. But in Belarus has long passed privatization. This privatization of power. And we have one company — "Lukashenko and his sons." That’s the worst. This power should be privatized to give people and businesses will be let in private property. "
Last week the head of the country threatened to bring to justice those who would prevent the loss of the new crop. "Today feral grain prices, and assemble it perfectly — sin. While a couple of people not put — do not understand, "- said the head of the country. Reviewed our listener:
Man: "Alexander G. leads many cases inapplicable means. Earlier in his main methods were" in jail ", handcuffs and confiscation, but something quiet. Now he begins to intimidate hunger. Someone slipped him excerpts that in some places people are starving . Africa lifelong hunger strike and died of starvation, unfortunately. And now reads: "Look, Belarusians, so hungry and so for the next year as many die of hunger." Well, in the spirit of our procto Lukashenko. "

Zinoviev: "Tell me what the police said Minsk BPF on a fake bomb, found near the headquarters?"
August 16, 2006 unknown attached to the doorway of the BPF device, similar to a bomb, and the windows and doors smeared with tar. Caused by the engineers determined that the device — a fake bomb. Then Management Department of the Interior authorized the Russian district of Minsk not to institute criminal proceedings for terrorism, as members insisted BPF and hooliganism.
Questions from the audience responds deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vintsuk Vyachorka:
Vecherko: "And in 2006, when there was a terrorist attack on an office of the BPF (because a fake bomb too is a sign of a terrorist act), and This year, NIGHT MODE in the office when the BPF were broken glass, were found guilty. Although it would seem, our estate in the center of Minsk, near — Police Academy, the whole street sweep cameras. But the matter has never been brought to an end. By the way, it never wound up on the best articles. I’m not surprised. "
Reporter: "What ended your communication with the representatives of power structures? You’re interested in the process of the case …"
"States that debtors find it is not probable."
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