Process closed when confirmation frail

"I am inclined to believe Professor, competent lawyer and fundamentally Dmitry Harachka and I think he is right when he says, there does not constitute a crime.
I do not know why the Belarusian criminal justice decided to deal with Zeltser and his secretary. Likely, here is some Russian and track, and some of his economic interests, that in their favor to solve some problems with the property of the deceased Georgian millionaire.
And you can hardly lay out that the Belarusian Tribunal will deal in this case. After all, our courts are very dependent and not once showed it. Given that the case is under control certain services of the country, it is clear that the verdict would not be legal, and political objectives, ordered. How to utter, and go. "
As to the trial of Mr. Zeltser closed, sire Gaddafi Pronunciation:
"Where uncomfortable feels our justice with acknowledgments, where the economic or political overtones in the interests of the country or certain elites municipal officials, there are always eager to close the process, to make the situation a complete information insulation to administer justice in his own way. Because I’m not surprised that they decided to close this process . "
U.S. Department of State, concerned about health Zeltser, asked the Belarusian authorities to release him from the judgment of humanity. But the official Minsk has not listened to these requests.
"Power is not our humane and civilized. ‘Cause she never responded to these calls and do not show this tsyvilizavanasts and humanity. She decides their selfish or clan interests of justice and uses as a tool to achieve their political goals. She always shows hostility and ill will. Not to mention how to go forward and make the humane, civilized steps in relation to the ailing man who, perhaps, did not do any crimes. "

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