Russian tanks and zenitki Stalin’s birthplace

Now the emperor Grits beheld as through the city A column of Russian military technology:
"A column of about 50 trucks, 5 APCs about the third hour a day or came out blazing in the direction of Tbilisi. Not reaching 40 miles to Tbilisi, they turned in the forest and there they camped. Guarded convoy of trucks with several zenitkami. The column was van ambulance in which there were about 10-ka pavdnevaasetynskih volunteers. When the convoy turned into the woods, they returned back to Blaze. no resistance or control either by the Georgian police, nor by the Georgian army, this column is not met. There simply is no Georgian army no police. "
By Associated Press photojournalist Sergei Grits, men who rode in the convoy said they arrived in Georgia from Chechnya. Other Western photojournalists now beheld the central square Blaze 10 Russian tanks and several cars with zenitkami get lost and drove down the road to Tbilisi, and later returned to the parking in the main column. No clashes between Russian and Georgians Blaze now there was no evidence Sergei Grits.
"At the moment of Tbilisi Blaze rides a diplomatic convoy to investigate the situation. To us they have not yet passed."
Sergei Grits also expressed their memories of what he saw in the town of Blaze:
"City quite empty there yesterday killed journalists during the shelling, burning houses. Blaze In the central square, where there is a statue of Stalin (his birthplace), there were a few dents from the explosions of rockets. Shattered glass in banks and offices that are empty. Are burning apartments that no one puts out, as some. Everywhere lying huge iron and plastic debris, and people think that this is part of the bombs. streets are completely empty. People appear to them only from time to time. "

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