Russian troops — in Tskhinvali last fights

In the area of operations deployed tank, artillery, and intelligence matastralkovyya Russian troops from the regular military equipment, said a spokesman for the Russian command Igor Kanashenkav. By Kanashenkava in the upcoming group of Russian troops will vzmanyatstsa.
At night Tskhinvali was again fired from rocket launchers "Grad". Were later beaten by at least two Russian aircraft.
Georgian authorities said that Russian aircraft bombed various parts of the country, namely bambardavali port of Poti. There are victims. Paavedamlyayuts from Tbilisi that Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili decided to impose martial law. Strategic targets, such as the Ministry of Defence and the President’s residence, preparing for evacuation. Evacuation goes ladies and kids from Kutaisi. U.S. authorities are also considering the possibility of evacuating their own people from Georgia, reports "Echo of Moscow". Presidential candidate USA

John McCain

urged the current administration to begin immediate consultations with the European Union to put pressure on Moscow. "Our homeland should abandon unsafe favorite course," said the senator.

Georgian rockets in the night sky over South Ossetia Russian troops move to pavdnevaasetynskay border Tags:, Our homeland war

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