South Korea launched a satellite of our missile

South Korean rocket KSLV-1 in 16.00 30.01.13 (11.00 MSK), went to a predetermined height and successfully launched a research satellite into orbit, said the Aerospace Research Institute of South Korea. For a modest wording: …the project also involved Russian companies: the creator of the first stage — Khrunichev and Transport Engineering Design Bureau, which was responsible for drafting the ground complex. -in fact hiding the fact that Russia has exported the second full spaceport!

In contrast to the previous successful space project — the launch complex "Soyuz" in Kourou, in this new development only. The first stage KSLV-1 — is a block URM rocket "Angara". Koreans have developed a second stage and the satellite. Thus, through international cooperation, before the construction of launch facilities in Russia were conducted flight tests of our missiles.

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