SOUTH Spartacus PROTASOV distressed. Moscow has pleased

21.08.10 SOUTH "Spartacus" PROTASOV distressed. Moscow has pleased Yuri Plokhotnichenko, "Sport-Express"

The heat of thirty-five degrees or more, lasted almost a month-on-Don, passed the position just a day before the match. And yesterday, the weather was at all comfortable: Top games temperature dropped to nearly twenty. But right near Rostov fires began: the truth, not the forest. Burned meadows across the river. TV stations have started talking about going to the city of smog, but most Rostovites not see anything ugly. So it was safe and holding meetings of latter-day candidates for seats in the European competition.

Absolutely no natural evils yet not done. For half an hour before the match, the stadium has covered a hailstorm. Precipitation ceased before the arrival of teams on the scene, but the field remains wet.

A series of three consecutive victories the team Oleg Protasov Rostov finally prompted the audience to be active. By starting whistle three of the four stands are filled, creating a match worthy of the entourage, which, judging from the table, was the highlight of the meeting was left without undergoing "Zenith" — CSKA tour.

By "match for the six points" and 4th place hosts came up with a bunch of personnel problems. In particular, there was no half midfield. Although the names of the starting lineup could easily be called a Battle of the experimental arrangement was: Akhmetovich was forced to enter the unfamiliar position of "a striker," Pavlenko and went to close the left flank. On the bench and did were mostly those who usually do not get into the application. Thus, the ability to enhance the game substitutions Oleg Protasov were quite limited. On top of the bouquet trouble Adam went to the game with a cold. However, there was replacement of the joker: dozayavlenny morning Bulgarian Chavdar Yankov.

The "Spartacus" almost cloudless personnel now tainted Siradze injury. Vacant legionary place went Gogh, who replaced Schanitsyna on the left side, and place in the center of the field took Geteriev. Another loss compared with a victorious match with "Siberia" was who moved to the "Dinamo" Kisenkov, of which the right of defense Vasyanovych replaced.

While the owners were mastered in unusual combinations, visitors seized the initiative, conducted several attacks in the opening and opened the account. Goal, however, has turned out rather random: ball after a long shot Kontsedalova Zivanovic struck on the head and flew in an arc under the crossbar over Amel'chenko taken aback. Quickly a goal that has become a hallmark of this season both clubs, this time failed "Spartacus."

Missed the ball produced by Rostovites demoralizing impression score could soon double. Andjelkovic, and a minute later Okoronkwo at the last moment strikes Dyadyuna covered. Recover the hosts managed only after a quarter of an hour, when they briefly moved the game to the gates of "Spartacus." But it was limited to canopies, which is not a problem for Fredrickson. All other attacking endeavor Rostovites drowned in a sea of technical defects.

After making sure that the game is at the "Rostov" is not glued, which looked much fresher guests again moved to action. Amel'chenko had to beat off a dangerous shot Gogh, and a couple of minutes Kontsedalov nearly scored twice, sending the ball from the free kick just over the crossbar. And at the end of half Dyadyun, closing the chamber Leandro, against the defender sent the ball next to the "nine". In general, let the early goal of "Spartacus" and turned out of bounce at the break, the score looked more than logical.

With the start of the second half, Oleg Protasov did almost the only available to him rotary move: let Yankov instead lost in the midfield Akhmetovich. The special effects do not give, "Rostov" was perhaps that slight territorial advantage. Approaches to the gate of the guests were tightly closed, and out of despair on 55 minutes, Hagush decided to strike from 30 yards, which was the first hit of the hosts in the target. The answer of "Spartacus" was far more dangerous: Leandro closed the cross at the far post Jovanovic, but Amel'chenko was reliable. A little earlier goalkeeper coped with treacherous blow Gogua.

Toward the middle of a time guest at the gate there was finally a situation that could be a stretch to call the scoring chances: Adam did not have enough inches to close the chamber Andjelkovic. A little later went wide of the goal and hitting Kulchiy Pavlenko. Saved the hosts hand Vasin, which found the ball in the penalty nalchan at the end of the match. Adamov, who dared to approach the 11-meter mark, was relentless, stabbing the ball under the crossbar. In the end a draw, which certainly pleased with another "Spartacus", Moscow: Russian vice-champions got a chance to get closer to the two southern teams.

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