Swedish court allowed public masturbation

A Swedish court has rejected the accusation of sexual assault charges against 65-year-old man who was engaged on the beach in Stockholm masturbation, according to the Western press.

  • Swedish court allowed public masturbation

In Sweden, the court found innocent 65-year-old man who was engaged in masturbation on the beach in Stockholm, for which he was arrested by police, according to The Huffington Post, with reference to the Swedish edition.


The court ruled that a man can not be accused of sexual assault (sexual assault), since there is no individual victim, which were directed against his actions.

It remains unclear whether it is possible to consider a public masturbation as a violation of the other parts of the Swedish legislation.

"Apparently, in the opinion of the judges, to masturbate on the beach is normal and even legally, although this can be regarded as an act of hooliganism" — said the public prosecutor Olof Vretammar.

He added that he does not intend to appeal the decision.

The court did not take into account the fact that the elderly onanist could see the children. This is all the more surprising that, according to experts, the Swedish system is very kind to the protection of children's rights.

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