The situation around the BHC policy or funds?

Official dealer MFA commentary argues that rent for BHC is only 54 euros per month. Committee enjoys such benefits "through a special decree of President of Belarus, whose activities so love to criticize and BHC, and our partners in the West" — emphasizes Andrei Popov.
Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Tatyana Protko clarifies that the exemption applies not only to the BHC, and all public organizations that are registered with the Ministry of Justice. This practice existed for many years:
Protko: "Indeed, for registered public organizations lease rate is low. But why are not willing to give rent public associations. Rate in Minsk — 10 euros per square meter, while for public organizations for the same meter — a buck. Significant difference. The Government has given a privilege, but it does not compel municipal household objects give rent. "
Foreign Ministry spokesman also notes that the lease payments BHC "is often delayed." Ms. Protko explains why so happened:
Protko: "From what we have almost arrested with 2004 cash account in the bank, employees are required to bring BHC money for rent in the bank within their means. For this, we determined the place. Unfortunately, the system was a definite failure. From this, we have made organizational conclusions. Now, even at the time of termination of the lease, we had paid in advance for three months. The government did not suffer any harm from this, as we are always paying the fine, which was growing. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee believes authorities deliberately tried to evict advocacy company just during a visit to Belarus by the chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Rene van der Linden:
Protko: "In the Belarusian leadership has such a course, which makes all, Belarus has not become so by way of cooperation with Europe to values of modern democratic world is not defected to Belarus. And this part, using "telephone justice", and gave such an order. The purpose — to show Europe in Belarus has its own, separate path of development. Political phenomenon it or not? This was, of course, possible to argue. "
The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of follow-up comments by this topic shall be removed. Head of the press service Vanshyna Maria says: Vanshyna "In press comments vchorshanim Secretary Andrei Popov was given exhausted response to this question. "

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