This year will see the 11th shtrishok

"All I need to use certain books on the list, brought to each educational institution. Educational institutions are ready to start the school year in including and textbooks.
Instant reprinting of textbooks will not, but we want to offer a list of textbooks, which can be to use. Educational process will be organized in full and all the books, which is. "
According to Majewski, in this year will be two differences in the eleventh grade. "11th shtrishok" — are classes which Last year basic education and received in year will be pass aaplet 2 years learning. And eleven class — "former odinnadtsatiletki."
Mrs. Mayevskaya explained that she would not be of mandatory electives for students.
"We have a five-day school week, not more than 5-6 lessons learned and will end about an hour a day or. Later 30 minutes is going to break, and for an hour — for extracurricular activities. Because I think that in two or two-thirty — it will the later exit from school. Instead, the students will have more free time for walking in the air to please any interests of its own, "- said Ms Majewski.

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