Thousands of refugees in Tbilisi and South Ossetia

In refugee camps now been a photojournalist for the Associated Press Sergei Grits. By him, number of refugees in Tbilisi goes to a thousand. In the town center there are three registration of refugees who rassyalyayuts them in 170 locations around town: at boarding schools, kindergartens and schools.
"In the refugee registration Fri town crowds … People very many, with the children, very often without things, what were, in fact, and fled … Who week back, who almost went out yesterday from Blaze due to the fact that there came Russian military convoy with tanks. "
According Grits, some refugees say that Russian or Ossetian military intentionally burn them at home.
"Of course, impressive when you see the kids a year or two, who doze on the bags, in the hands of mothers, children under one year are … And there is no rinse it or feed or change clothes normally impossible … Just a gypsy life the street. "
Yet Grits sovereign states that a humanitarian catastrophe in Tbilisi no registration and accommodation of refugees organized perfectly:
"At the moment I’m on the outskirts of Tbilisi, on the territory of the former Russian Army construction battalion, a very large area, there is currently putting the tent city. Will just 10 tents, each of which seats 40 people. Utilities Tbilisi spend electrician, dig a ditch for water supply, toilets brought. "
Yesterday Sergei Grits was in town Blaze, who captured Russian military. Now he learned that the Russian kicked out all journalists:
"It is very well that was kicked, not shot … "
Meanwhile located in North Ossetia asetynav thousand refugees from Tskhinvali and other places of South Ossetia, which were in the zone of hostilities during armed conflict.
Pictured: Georgian refugees on the road to Tbilisi

In the picture: Refugees from Tskhinvali in a camp in North Ossetia

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