Two weeks, when the main thing — not the role, and the victory

Let’s forget for two weeks mocking phrase "The main thing — not to win a role." Maybe it is suitable for competition in summer camps. In today’s world, where as once wrote Chingiz Aitmatov, the number of goals determines the merits of the political system, sports victory — it all: state pride, crazed crowds on the streets, millions in fees and medals on his chest heroes.
In XX century the dignity of their own species brought in sports arenas, the two superpowers — the USSR and the USA. The balance of power in the world has changed, and now the main intrigue of the Olympics will be a duel between the U.S. and China. Celestial closer than ever to becoming the best — at least for the beginning of the sport.

The main intrigue of the Olympics will be a duel between the U.S. and China

In 2000 in Sydney China in the team event took third place, and 4 years backwards in Athens Gold Medal for Chinese and Russian are already ahead, prapustsivshy forward only the Yankees. Either they overtake the Yankees at home, strengthening its own sports superpower status? By bukmekerav specifically hosts the Games look obvious winners, their chances of winning team evaluated twice higher than the South American. Bukmekery, for example, offer a guess, more or less than 40 gold medals win the Chinese: a predictable amount of Yankees first places is only 30 third

Curiously, that even enough versed sports fan is not always call at least some Chinese sports star. Obviously, with one side, it bugs stereotyping, because for many of us Chinese — is Hu, Wang and Lee, the differences between which we can not or do not wish to create. On the other hand, the Chinese really take their medals in major peripheral mass spectator sports, and not every fan is ready to understand the Belarusian champion, for example, in badminton. It seems that there may be, but sports rivalry of China and the U.S., in my opinion, will be the main theme of the Olympics, the more than that many do not avoid the temptation to give it political or other coloring.
Intrigue second, personal — or win the South American swimmer Michael Phelps 8 gold medals? Any Olympics must have some kind of hero, a person who becomes an emblem specifically those Games. Just Michael Phelps in Beijing can enter in sports history as One of the most majestic athletes all time. To This time record for the most gold medals at a single Olympics were the first 7 places in swimming Yankees Michael dormant in Munich in 1972. Phelps plans to start at 8 distances — 5 individual and 3-baton. Incidentally, the last world championships in swimming, he won seven distances, and on the eighth, the relay, just gave up his place to a friend of the American team. Of course, the possibility of such a unique record enticed millions of viewers specifically to Olympic pools.
At the American journalists is very popular this phrase: "Where were you when it happened?" Hopefully, when Phelps overcome on its own eighth race, II can tell"I beheld it." At least on TV. Tags: USA, China, Olympics

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