V.Kipel: Joe Biden knows the Belarusian issue

We talk to him for a few hours before the polls closed in the United States.
SV: "What segodnyaschy presidential campaign differed from earlier?"
Seething "Today’s U.S. elections marked a big activity. By this led campaign. She held for a long time and very active. In particular, the Democrats. There were two people — Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Clinton was very popular and did not seem long. So the struggle between the Democratic candidates already interested voters. Well, the mood of novelty. Democrats led goes dark — this is the first time in America. On the Republican side for the first time going to the post of vice-president of the lady (lady from the Democrats already had with Mandela in the 80s). Second, that interested — diametric election applets. McCain stands for, so as not to raise taxes, but to cut any benefits that were hitherto. Obama says it must increment taxes for those people, who earn more than 250 thousand. Here lit fuss. One of his team said that 200 thousand, after reached 120 … In short, taxes will rise in those who earn more than 150 thousand. And Americans are very sensitive to tax applets. "
SV: "The Emperor was in full swing, several clock back you vote at a polling station in his own town of Hawarden la New York. On TV they say that the activity of a very large and the mood of the people Zadran. Indeed it true?"
Seethed: "Indeed, the elections were very elevated mood up. B campaign for the first time participated very many young people, young Yankees, who were registered for the first time. Journalists feared, or those young Americans will vote. But they completely go to the polls. old too concerned because those benefits that are, may be canceled. handbills There bipartisan moments affecting household nuance. Besides youth wants configurations. Prypushchayu that today’s role in the election will be a record in America. Indeed, in recent decades intrigued elections sank. And now behold the people that this is really the only method of protest or express their own agreement with the available rate of the municipal government. "
SV: "It is clear that at least pradstastavniki an old part of the Belarusian emigration usually give their votes to the Republicans and, of course, have the best contact with them. Was it hard for you to reach out to Democrats?"
Seethed: "From the standpoint of the Belarusian certainly Belarusians have always voted Republican. I think that now they are voted for them. Why? Because Republican President Bush knew the Belarusian issue. McCain during the campaign a couple of times read about Belarus. Certainly, on the ground terms were Georgia and Ukraine — for McCain to be accepted into NATO, yet Belarus was mentioned. Belarusians-Americans is, of course, enjoy. From Belarusian organizations were filed memorandum as democratic candidates or republican. How Democrats will contribute to this — hard to say, but you have to reckon with the fact that Joe Biden is very well informed on affairs of state of the former Soviet Union, he was versed in public affairs is not only for Georgia and Ukraine, he knows the Belarusian issue to him a memorandum from the Belarusian-American Association inshli constantly. So hope that some drastic change is — hard. Though, of course, impose contacts with the Democrats will not simply because of what the Republicans these contacts suggests decades, from Nixon. "

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