What was stolen from you, son?

Manifesto Goblin (attention, profanity):

Internet hysteria swept. Pimply idiots screaming at each corner about crooks and thieves. Urge to unite and rock the boat, while not fancy themselves some cattle, and prenepremenno active minority, the conscience of the nation, the avant-garde thinking, the elite of society. 

Reading the next convulsive repost beardless youth's no smell of gunpowder civil war, I want to ask: 

What was stolen from you, son? Where is the product that you have created with their own hands, brought it to the market and its've stole insidious thieves? 

Forget about oil and gas. They are a priori not yours. They are mined from the earth Nivkhs and Siberian khans workers from neighboring countries or from the Russian hinterland shifts on equipment purchased not with your money and not created by your hands. 

Forget about the budget. He, too, not yours, because in order to take something from the common fund, you must first put something there. 

You come in large numbers to the city in search of freebies office somehow got a rat in a company engaged in merchandising huelizinga, and simply pushing some overdue western pizdyatiny the Russian market, or an official in the department of licensing / quota pizdyatiny push this to the Russian market — you're bored at your job, are you waiting for Friday — Friday is coming, but you do not have enough money to shikoznuyu life that you see around, you're hanging around on the internet with classmates, the theme of Lebedev and by bulk and suddenly, there it is! 
So that is who is to blame — they've stole everything! 
They've stole your millions that you have earned with sweat and blood, so young, beautiful and intelligent. 
But this brand — promelkaet somewhere in your rotten, zasrali internet subconscious — and feverishly begin pereposchivat all this huergu about the party of crooks and thieves, replicate nevebenno witty "Mutin Pudakov" in kamenty top pages, introducing himself Robin Hood and secretly hoping to break through in the rankings and earn some unknown internetovoy poeben. 

Meanwhile, Korean Lee took Ferzikovsky vacant land in the area and even hiring a Chinese one, with small children and a pregnant wife raised pork, watermelons, tomatoes, bring them to market, sold, rebuilt the house, he sent the eldest son of the city and no one learns nothing he has not stolen … No washed continue, millions of people are working up a sweat and have no time or desire to sort out who stole what from whom. 
Easily and will not catch mudya of pounds. 

Build a house, plant a tree, parents son. What do you masturbate at all this garbage that you're thrusting his nose into other people's business, which, by the way, does not make sense? 
Officials originate everywhere in China, where there is no help and shootings, and in America — the world's thief. It is a fundamental law of nature. 

Even if all of that in your opinion has been stolen, take and share at all — you your share is only enough to ensure that a week pobuhat your favorite cheap beer "Hunting". 

Or are you hoping that you will be counted in the division of what you wrote in kamentah to top-end posts "Mutin-Pudakov" and get more? 

However, the world is beautiful, full of hope and opportunity, but you have robbed yourself. You do not know how, your labor is not needed and your neighbor, not to mention the world market, all you have is through the ass, you can not even write a post about an interesting creative these "crooks and thieves."

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