What will the Su-35 after upgrade

Russian Air Force until 2015, should take forty eight Su-35s 4 + + generation. Perhaps only be purchased up to two hundred aircraft of this type.

Combat vehicles of this generation — samples of deep modernization of the famous Su-27, which, along with the MiG-31 and MiG-29 are now the basis of Russian fighter aircraft.

Su-35s, like outside on its "big brother" is different from his latest engines AL-41F1S. Another difference — a modern radar "Irbis" with a passive phased array antenna, "glass cockpit", opto-electronic and other Omnidirection innovations.

However, to accommodate the rapid development of the global aviation, we must assume that the current image of a fighter — not final.

Today, the western fighters 4th generation old radars are replaced by more sophisticated, equipped with multifunctional active phased array antennas. AESA radar can significantly improve the capabilities of the aircraft in range target detection and the number of detected and tracked enemy aircraft. And provides the ability to work simultaneously on the ground and air targets.

An order of magnitude increases, and reliability — as compared to those used today. The lack of such radars — economic: the cost has increased substantially.

It is possible that the Russian Air Force and for export will eventually be proposed version of the 35th AFAR. It was conjectured that such aircraft may appear after 2015

For most of the technical characteristics, as many experts believe, the Su-35 aircraft approached the 5th generation, but perhaps nedotyagivayut its stealth technology.

To reduce the radar visibility of the aircraft measures were taken in the form of composite materials and the use of special coatings.

In the future, can be installed in the air intake radar blockers, as well as the use of air passages between the engine conformal weapons bays. Also plan to install a "stealth" containers with means of destruction under the wings of the aircraft.

The described measures will significantly improve the stealth characteristics. As a result, the Su-35 will not only successfully defend the aerial frontiers of the motherland, but also will be a competitive product on the world arms market.

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