Who is entitled to the hostel?

This year and paying students can apply for accommodation in hostels, as state employees, if they have privileges — orphans, Chernobyl, parents heavy real position. Head of the material-technical base of the Ministry of Education Lydia Zaitseva says:
"We have a general provision of hostels in the town of Minsk — 57%. 4 dormitories for reconstruction put — as they are fully locked. 1,400 seats exclusively in BSU, National Technical University in two dormitories with 400 and 600 seats, Economic Institute — 600 seats in the repair. This is serious. "
Usually entitled to priority check-in dorms have benefit recipients, senior students who have successfully trained. But This year the situation will change, says Lydia Zaitseva
"Value in Minsk will be the first course. Currently some reason many students scored much of the villages of the countryside. They are hard to navigate in bolshennom town, because the decision to boarding first populate the first course. BSU is on this principle. will be worse for the fifth year. All undergraduates we can not provide. "
But not many nonresident freshmen BSU lucky. Yang Tovpyga Vitebsk is not happy that the offspring entered the economical department faculty bio Beldyaruniversytetu — many problems appeared:
"It was a collection of freshmen uttered that hostels provide only 50 seats, the other must find housing themselves. Moreover, earlier in BSU was a database of apartments and lodging, year BSU these prepyadstviya flipped on the students themselves and their parents, respectively. August 29 has already begun studies on present day we have no home. For all agencies, offices call — the difficulties difficulties. Moreover — fantastic housing prices! "
On the prices of rental housing in Minsk realtor agency employee knows Tatiana:
"In general, the average price in the neighborhood adpapakaevki — $ 250 plus payment for utilities. When in the center of town — 400 and up, depending on the internal apartment: home appliances, furniture, respectively. And not too many proposals, virtually no apartments for rent. about the room is also very rarely misses information. "
Besides, is not very willing to take the students to the apartment. Hosts prefer a more respectable lodgers. If rent rooms, put very many criteria — what not to do. Realtor Tatiana says that a lot of problems:
"It is very difficult. I think the reason is that young people usually sonorous, loves company. And if students are occupied, the owners of the apartment later many claims: that the glass is broken, something is broken, the neighbors complain. In addition, owners often fluctuate platsyazhazdolnastsi. "
Of course, the Ministry of Education bureaucrats seek out options: colonize students in vocational schools and hostels, colleges. For example, 80 students Sakharov Environmental Institute, which does not has its own hostel, settled in the hostel Improvement Institute. Not so long ago decision the construction of a large student village — the whole complex. Decides whether it is the problem of housing the students?
Head of the material-technical base of the Ministry of Education Lydia Zaitseva expressed such a world:
"We began to build a student village for 10 thousand seats. Over Three years President set to build a puzzle — 8-9 dormitories. Already built the first dormitory for 1030 seats. But even if we surrender all the student village, we go to 80-85%. We also had 85% security. But in connection with paid training we scored another 100%. That came to such tasks. A what to do? Everybody wants to live and work in Minsk. "
In the regions, the situation is much better: the students of Vitebsk, Polotsk, Baranovichi, Mogilev institutions provided dormitories at 100%.

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