Your child — only the best

The appearance of the baby for the parents and the joy and new experiences: what he's cute, helpless, the best and certainly the most beautiful! And new concerns: how to make a child grow up healthy, well developed?

Here are just some of the questions that may arise from their parents. How to bathe a baby? When baby begins to discover her mother? When should erupt teeth? How to introduce solid foods? In that dressing a child for a walk? Harmful or not to conduct ultrasound? What shots do?

Unfortunately, many young parents find the answers to these and other questions can be found in books and on the Internet. In a pinch, you can consult with your friends who have adult children or grandparents — it's something they know everything! They forget that every baby is unique in that universal tips are not for everyone and not always.

None of even the most experienced friend, neither is the complete "child" site can not know anything about your child. It is only by a specialist, which watch your baby from birth. That is why it is very important to a child from the first day led an experienced pediatrician — doctor, whom parents chosen as a good assistant and an experienced adviser.

We are so used to refer to the doctor only when ill, that we often forget how necessary prevention. As it is important that after discharge from the hospital the doctor-pediatrician came to meet with the child, praised his state of health, prevent disease, heredity. Parents spoke in detail about all they care about what they need to know.

Children's Medical Center "Family and Health" offers programs that include preventive monitoring personal pediatrician, provide for the survey and follow-up at the doctors, the complex analysis, advice and research to doctors and parents in a timely manner to help your child adjust to their new environment , to prevent the development of chronic diseases, grow up healthy and beautiful.

Special legislative acts of the Health Ministry of Russia sets how many times and how professionals child should be examined. For example, during the first year of life, it is necessary to show 15 times pediatrician! And that's just routine preventive checkups. In addition to at least three consultations ophthalmologist, the same neurologist and orthopedist. All these inspections are carried out with the sole aim to not to miss anything, and if a problem is detected, then promptly take corrective action.

Doctors of Children's Medical Center "Family and Health" Plans for inspections, tests, studies for a child of any age. It takes into account not only the necessary and mandatory treatment and preventive measures, but also the possibility of a large complex examinations, massages, vaccination at home.

Annual medical supervision at home will appreciate especially the youngest children and their parents. No long trips, no one sitting in queues — the clinic will need to come only twice: to complete a full screening and ultrasound to the Mantoux test. But for routine inspection specialists, as well as consultations in the event of illness kid, not necessarily to come to the clinic.

For children who are going to go to kindergarten or go to school, kids medical Center "Family and Health" developed a set of examinations — medical examinations, the results of which issued a medical card — a mandatory document for a child's admission to the above-mentioned institutions.

All moms know how to plan a pregnancy, but not every mom knows how necessary preventive surveillance. And not only for the newborn child. When it comes to children, it is important to get professional medical help at a time when there is an urgent need. And more importantly this acute need to avoid.

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