Youth activist is working at the school (photo)

Considered the case of Ina Kebikovoy board Minsk regional court. As saidand arbitrator Ira Tynyavitskaya administration Gritsevichskoy schools and education department executive committee Kletsk reach reconsideration of the district court. He acknowledged the illegal dismissal Inna Kebikovoy, which Last year began work at the school as a young special. Head of the Department of Education Anatoly Kletsk Klimovitch made now in court and stated that the dismissal was due to:
Klimovich: "I believe that the court of first instance examined closely enough collective contract, where true is recorded that a collective agreement applies to union members. Kebikova But Inna was not a trade unionist. Because the consent of the trade union committee was not required. We tried it as a young spetsa induce the path of justice, but it did not work. This dismissal was a natural fact. "
Innu Kebikovu fired first of November. But Kletskii Tribunal found that with all this school administration and district violated the law. There was no mass violations of discipline — just one day Kebikova was not on the job, but, as explained to a young teacher at the day she used wood to heat a cool house that gave her the school. In addition, dismissal of the trade union did not approve of the school:
Kebikova: "When I started to work only, then do not write a statement to the union. But for 2-a-half months since I took fees — 1 percent. These were union dues. Ryan did not give me the relevant criterion for living. I did not achieve for a bath and toilets, and sought a place where could to come and live. But there had previously two years Nobody lived. Imagine a village house where everything fell. Because house more than 100 years. There is impossiblecould to live. "
Minsk Regional Tribunal confirmed that the decision to reinstate the young teacher was legitimate. Inna Kebikova commented on the judgment:
Kebikova: "Yes, I believe that the judgment was fair. Though I did not have much hope that it will be particularly so. Formally, I was fired for absenteeism, but behind it is my role in local elections. I always expressed outrage that I wear a scarf "Our Ukraine" that I bag with badges that I speak Belarusian. "
In the event that a legitimate dismissal Kebikovoy Ina, she is a young special fired from his job, according to the acquired rassredotachivaniya, was to pay municipal Belarusian Pedagogical Institute named after Maxim Tank about 14 million rubles spent on her training.
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