Alexei Marochkin: Politicians have to go for youth

The anniversary of the March events in Minsk October Square painter Alexei Marochkin painted a picture titled "For Freedom! Area Kalinowski." Bolshennom on canvas that has size of two by two meters, reflected the then action, real and fantastic characters. About his own work on this extraordinary work of Alexei Marochkin agreed to tell our listeners.
Michas Scoble: "The Emperor Alexei, on the painting" For Freedom! Area Kalinowski "you worked for almost a year — from March to March. Parallel what you have written-nibudt or fabric is a multi-faceted kept you in for yourself and do not let the thought of another?"
Alexei Marochkin: "If the painter focuses on one topic at a picture, do not go out of the studio, reflects only one, it is felt too heavy and can have unwanted consequences. Vision dulled. Because I worked in parallel on other works, at the end of last year was exemplified in the open air, dedicated to Napoleon Orda. But "Space …" I really kept in captivity. Whatever the product of a series of "Belarusian resistance", which I started in 1994. I wish to emphasize that I am not the only Belarusian painter who speaks in his own work on the burning topics that trevozhut Belarusian society. Suffice it to recall the work of Arthur Wedge "Tea in Mytishchah" (popular name — "Tea in Mudishchah"). There’s such a famous image … Or recall a series of graphic images Vladimir Vishnevsky, among which the most famous "Only there was no war."

Scoble: "When you look at your picture, noticeable that her size larger than it in fact — it seems to be apart. You did in order to all your heroes was not cramped? "
Marochkin: "It is so. I reflected on the canvas is not a fact, but an event. Event and I wanted to show how you can extensive. But show all unreal, and it would be quite boring. But I set up the necessary accents. Again, I did not reflect reality. For example, in the previous year was a completely different spectrum, the square was snow, frost. But the event took place with the arrival of spring, we breathed in the spring, we felt the sun behind the clouds. And, most importantly, we felt that there was a victory inside of people. consciously Youth went to the area, youth highlighted this area naming Constantine Kalinowski. And this positive and I wanted to find a picture. And next — nasty, sarcastic, ironic content. "
Scoble: "In terms of the front of your work — a boy and a beautiful damsel, spiritualized individuals. Moreover, a guy with a sword, he — the patron. Why blade protector you gave the young man, not a politician or Milinkievich Kozulin, who recognized in the midst of the people? "
Marochkin: "The issue is very true. Whatever the policy, they go after those who, metaphorically speaking, took the sword in his hands. And now, I can feel it, the blade in the hands of young people took. And politicians are obliged to go for young people, for those who are now in the plot — the same Dashkevich, the young beautiful man or Paul Seviarynets. In their hands, now Belarus and the Belarusian flag blade. Politics is politics, this wizard. A youth activates itself and others. "
Scoble: "On your painting — a huge number of flags. To a large extent, white-red-white, too — the European Union. One alert reader of Liberty, which saw your product on our website, gave a hint that the area attended and Russian flags . Either of you at the Plaza Kalinowski did not want to have a fundamentally? "
Marochkin "Russian flag hidden behind a white-red-white, it just can not see … But if you look closely at the painting, and there you can see and Russian, and Lithuanian, and Ukrainian, and Georgian flags. But first, the square was a sea white-red-white flags, it is very principle ".
Scoble: "Your picture can be viewed through a magnifying glass — so detailed written some things …"
Marochkin: "I absolutely agree with you. I occasionally go into detail so that the main retreats to the second plan. I wanted every detail possible write precisely, to give it meaning. In the picture you can even make out the texts on leaflets that rained from the sky. Their written: "Liberate Dashkevycha". Their — appeals to the head of the country, to Shejman to Pavlyuchenko. Every detail I tried to give a meaningful sense. "
Scoble: "On the square in front of the Palace of the Republic open sewer hatches. Way, they strenuously used in official propaganda during the March events. Allegedly, the opposition served as a screen in the instrument flap — BT gave a hint. Hatches have not forgotten about you. From some of They poked his head man, very similar to the 1st well-known politician. Why did you put it in the hatch? "
Marochkin: "When one of my co-worker saw this picture, he looked long and reproached me:" And what does a rat? Them on the square was not! . " I say, yes, they were not, but they were in the minds of many Belarusians. When on the radio, on television KGB chairman Sukharenko napugival people rats, drawing analogies with the opposition. Rats — mutants is the current policy. Rats not climb into the gutter, and the sewers, like the evil spirits! The current Belarusian propaganda wants us all to do with rats, wants to push us into those hatches, so we did not get out there. Indeed, as a sign of the one flap head looks very informative policy. "
Scoble: "And I will pay attention to one detail. On your picture flegmantichnaya everything old woman peeling potatoes, while potatoes are rolled back exactly to the bearded head of the flap. What do you want to allocate it?"
Marochkin: "When I studied at the Art School, the doctor Ahremchik always asked students:" Well, tell me what you drew on this track? "And some students were in charge of so great, so great, and the composition was something else entirely. And Ahremchik read as follows: "Well, for oral answer for you can be" five "to deliver, but for the fact I did, -"Deuce." And if we did not work out, I’m telling better than painted …
What I am for myself ironically. Indeed, at the frontal plane figure that many who are irritated. The old woman symbolizes people, overdriven, Zatsyukany who listens only official radio and television looks official. A mustachioed head that stretches to the potatoes, I remember, said: "My people to feed me." Is our way of torturing mother pensioner who does not wish to know anything, is not willing to create. Say, you’re young, take balls stsyaguytse, saymuytsesya, and we would just quietly, if only there was no war. "
Scoble: "Our next keen listener wished he saw on your canvas symbol" Getting all the roads of Belarus ", which essentially set on October Square. Allegedly, it is a sign: hence freedom is the way to all corners of Belarus. About one character you have forgotten ? "
Marochkin: "No, I have not forgotten. If the picture visible hatches with rats, these horror stories, it was awkward to draw near "Home roads," he would have conflicted with those hatches. It would already be a different picture. You know, on their own exhibitions I’ve never put my book reviews, although Prof. comments concern with awareness. If the specialist comes to my studio and start read: on your latest picture there is something wrong, there is not, I think for myself — you see, there’s almost all wrong, and I’m on it I bet! "
Scoble: "Where do you see your own work place exposure? In which museum?"
Marochkin "Written remains and take the time that it was made perfectly, and that -" for a day or anger "that the transfer did not passage. Now I do not think where this picture is, in which the museum. But I am convinced that that series I did not canoe
into oblivion. Someone once will refer to it as now people are interested in: what draws the painters in the days of the Second Reich? Speaking of the museum say a few words. When opening a new space at the State Art May Museum painting "Veranika and Maxim" was already on display. But before the visit of head chief of the country, almost a few hours, it was removed and hung work Misha Savitsky. But apparently muzeyshchykam shameful, and there, out of nowhere, a plaque: "Painting on the restoration." So my Veranika while crying in the vaults. "
Scoble: "And at the end of the conversation, let us remember another topic. You, as head of the public association" Fatherland ", together with the leaders of the Union of Belarusian Writers and Company whiteRussian language wrote a formal letter to Metropolitan Filaret of protest against the construction of an Orthodox church in Belarus after Suvorov. Do you think you will learn the Metropolitan? "
Marochkin: "It’s hard to say. Necessary to carry out the action in general "Belarus without Suvorov!." I come in the Vitebsk region, the Badgers to their home, and see — farm Suvorov. Minsk — Suvorov Military School. Kobrin — museum. And here suddenly temple Suvorov! This izymatelstvo of Belarusians, jeer over our history. This states that, that Russian imperial policy towards Belarus lasts. Suvorov trampled blood Belarusian know pastantsav Kosciuszko, then they spread the Russian Empire. We are opposed to perpetuate the memory of Suvorov in Belarus. And we have filed their own voice. Certainly, we know that the appeal to the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, which stood and stands almost on the imperial positions. But together with those, we wish to make our voice heard. We have stated their own protest intelligent, relaxed, but categorically. "

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