Anaferon — Myths and Reality

Many drugs are designed to prevent and treat colds and flu, now surrounded by myths — someone scolds them, someone praises. Representatives of "Materia Medica Holding" collected in this article are a few facts about the drug "Anaferon" (trying to avoid the "gloss" and advertising).

Colds are a pressing social problem — every year they lead to temporary disability of millions of people that brings economic losses in many countries of the world. Of course, we — ordinary people are important, not economics, and health of our family. Any viral infection weakens the body's defenses, which is disadvantageous to the start of the epidemiological season.

Recently, a lot of drugs recommended for the prevention of colds and flu, and the list is constantly expanding. We will not make a comparison of antiviral drugs that are sold on the Russian market. We will respond only for drugs that are manufactured at the plant owned by the company "Materia Medica Holding".

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Myth 1: "Anaferon useless"

The company, which produces drugs "Anaferon" and "Anaferon children," not once conducted research on the effectiveness of their drugs. To date, a total of held more than 70 clinical studies, about half of which were carried out as a comparative, randomized, with single and double placebo control (that is, in accordance with the provisions of the basic doctrines of evidence-based medicine).

The results of these studies were published as articles in scientific journals: "Pediatrics", "Pediatric Pharmacology", "Children's infections", "Antibiotics and chemotherapy", "Infectious Diseases", "Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases," "Journal of the International Academy of Science," " Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences "," Bulletin of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences "," pharmacotherapeutic Almanac "and other specialized scientific and medical journals.

Based on these data, it was protected by more than 17 master's and doctoral theses, several patents. For the creation, production and introduction into clinical practice of new high of drugs on the basis of ultra-low doses of antibodies to endogenous regulators ("Anaferon" and "Anaferon child", as well as some others), the 2006 and 2007 decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation (№ 96 February 20, 2006, and number 12 on February 22, 2007) was awarded the Prize of the Government of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology.

Shows a prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy "Anaferon" and "Anaferon child" in relation to influenza and other acute viral upper respiratory tract infections in children aged 1 month to 18 years of age and adults. "Anaferon" in 1.5-3 times reduces the incidence of viral respiratory infections, as well as reducing the duration of the disease SARS in children who are prone to frequent and prolonged respiratory infections, patients with allergic diseases, severe infections (tuberculosis), autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis), in adults with chronic bronchopulmonary disorders and cardiovascular systems, as well as people belonging to groups at high risk of disease and the development of acute respiratory complications (doctors, workers of hazardous industries).Anaferon - Myths and Reality

For example, in 2002-2007, "Anaferon children" was used in the St. Petersburg and Moscow for the prevention and treatment of influenza and other viral respiratory infections, including complicated stenotic laringotraheobronhitom. The results indicate that in the groups of children who received "Anaferon children," the proportion of children who developed SARS, was 1.98 — 2.02 times less. Duration of the main symptoms of influenza declined by 1.3 — 2.5 days in the different age groups, also decreased the incidence of bacterial complications (for example, the incidence of otitis media — 2 times).

But the effectiveness of the drug for colds and flu prove not only the data specifically organized clinical trials. In December 2009, the company that produces "Anaferon" received official thanks from the Ministry of Health of the Trans-Baikal region for their charity care during a pandemic influenza. The situation in the region has not been easy, and timely delivery of antiviral drugs has provided substantial support, will reduce the incidence of medical personnel and patients with a number of medical institutions edges.


Myth # 2: "This is homeopathy or dietary supplements"

"Anaferon" and "Anaferon children" officially are neither one nor the other group — it's drugs. This information can be found in the instructions to the drug, on the packaging and in the official handbooks. In the Internet there are messages that speak about the involvement of "Anaferon" to homeopathy, but these statements are wrong and outdated. In autumn 2009, having considered the new data on the mechanism of action of drugs on the basis of ultra-low doses of antibodies to endogenous regulators Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health has recognized that "Anaferon" and "Anaferon children", created on the basis of ultra-low doses of antibodies to IFN-gamma, do not apply to the pharmacological group, "homeopathic remedies."

This is justified by the fact that these drugs proved specific pharmacological activity (direct regulatory influence on the system of interferon-gamma — interferon receptor-gamma), and their purpose is not applied the so-called principle of similarity. In this Farmakomitet still retained the "ANAFERON" and "ANAFERON childish" ATC codes (J05AX, L03AX) and pharmacological groups to which they were assigned at registration (antiviral, immunomodulatory).

Moreover, the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 30, 2009 № 2135-r "Anaferon children" was included in the List of Essential Medicines.


Myth 3: "The drug does not work because of the high dilution of the active substance"

"Anaferon" really is based on the ultra-low doses of antibodies to gamma-interferon. In the production of the drug using the same technology sverhrazbavlennyh obtain solutions that in the production of homeopathic remedies. However, the presence of specific pharmacological activity can be attributed to "Anaferon" and "Anaferon children" to immunopharmacological and biotech drugs.

A key mechanism of action "Anaferon" identified experimentally — the ability to regulate the functional activity / production of endogenous (internal) interferon. In other words, the "Anaferon" stimulates and regulates the production of internal protective factors — interferons, which provides anti-viral defenses against a broad spectrum of viruses. The influence of "Anaferon" on the immune system and other defense mechanisms against infection are complex and cover all the key parts of the immune system. For this reason, preparation recommended for the prevention and treatment of viral infections (including influenza).


Who is your doctor may recommend "Anaferon?"

  1. Adults for the prevention and treatment of viral infections (including influenza). To prevent the doctor prescribes one table
    t a day — that's enough, the treatment dose is increased, and in the midst of colds one "ANAFERON" no longer be enough. In this case, appointed an arsenal of anti-inflammatory andAnaferon - Myths and Reality antibacterial agents (depending on your state). Separately, we note that the safety of the drug during pregnancy has not been studied, and the appointment of a doctor is guided by risk / benefit ratio.
  2. Children under the age of 1 month for the prevention and treatment of viral infections. Note that the children produced a special children's version of the drug — "Anaferon children." Earlier preparation appointed with 6-month-old, but in October 2009 age limit was lowered Pharmacological Committee of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  3. Combined therapy and prophylaxis acute and chronic viral infections caused by tick-borne encephalitis virus, enterovirus, rotavirus, coronavirus, calicivirus.


At the end of this article we wish to sincerely wish the health of your family, good autumn without cold, and just a great mood.


If you have any questions about the drugs' Anaferon "and" Anaferon children ", you can call our hotline: 8-495-684-43-33.


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